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After resting a little, it was risen and heading for the tunnel of the left, continued that penosa and overwhelming day in the blackout, in search of light and pure air. Finally, after much time that it wise person if was not hours or days, it sighted a distant clarity. That light it of the spirit and it hurries the step. Soon later, finally, it reaches the exit. It advances for cool air, the sun and the freedom. The clarity of day dims its eyes, the feet sinks in the mud.

Feeling a vertigo, it for, holding in a tree twig deceased. It has advanced has a stream, a row of cinereous houses in the edge. It does not know where he is, he does not remember where deferred payment, does not know who is. He sees its image in the estagnada water and he does not recognize that man of macilento, dirty face, dishevelled.Andres breathes deep, raises the face. The stream is an obstacle and it follows for the opposing side. He crosses a field, he finds a road and soon later he arrives at the city. He rambles for the streets, feeling hunger and headquarters.

He sees a door open and if he approaches. There inside, leaned in a balcony he has bags of beans, rice, maize and sugar and on of the balcony, tobacco in rope, candles, he bathes, rapadura. In the walls hung in hooks, it had hammer, scythe, shovel and hoe, barbed wire in one I sing. In the shelf it had honey pots. potato, pumpkin candy, and goiabada. It still had, oil of whale for oil lamps, aguardente, coffee and charque. It does not have nobody to sight and Andres enter, looking some thing to eat. Suddenly it stumbles at something in the soil, if he inclines and he catches a dirty wood piece of blood.


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As the lucidity is present in 75% of the cases, the family finishes believing that the limitations patient it are ' ' propositais' '. Feeling itself diminished, the parkinsoniano costuma not to ask for helps nobody, wanting to affirm its self-sufficiency. If she will not be very intent, the family finishes at risk placing it. The parkinsoniano wants to make everything alone and hides many things. It can take a tumble and, for pride not to count nobody (BRANDO, 1998). The solidarity and the affection of the family, allies to the conviviality with the support associations, are basic to rescue the independence of patient, normally depressed and isolated of the society. Family, doctors and friends must show to the patient who is possible to coexist the illness. To make with that the patient if feels it useful and active will leave more stimulated to react to the illness.

2,2 Psychological factors Beyond the identified more visible motor signals in the parkinsoniano, the psychological aspect of these individuals also is affected. In agreement Silberman et al. (2004), the dementia and the depression can aggravate and bring negative consequences during the treatment of the illness. Many of these are presented estressados and overwhelming. The tax of prevalence of depression between individuals with DP varies of 20% 70%. Mohr et al. (1996), they had observed that the anxiety and the depression can exacerbar the presented motor difficulties. The cognitiva function of the individuals with DP according to Mder apud Teive, (2000) is harmed.

The author tells that these individuals frequently complain of difficulties to concentrate the attention the recent facts. The capacity of memorization, also is affected, mainly when it has depressive aspects associates. It stops beyond the situations that if it relates, where if does not find a true biological relation between the two illnesses, it can say of depressive symptoms associates to the proper illness of Parkinson.

Law of Parkinson

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One of the gold rules to improve the productivity is that to each activity you must assign a time to him and ceirte to him as far as possible. Otherwise, you are in danger to fall in the Law of Parkinson, that says: takes as much in finishing a work as time is had for it. In this article I go to darte some keys you put so that them in practice. The capacity to manage the time well is an ability that the companies value more and more in their workers because this factor well-known increases to the productivity and the competitiveness of the organization. The first step to obtain it consists of reflecting on which it is your mission in the company and what objectives you must fulfill in her. Retornar works is one of the most delicate points, but also one of most important if you really want centrarte in the heart of your activity. Once delimited your primary target, it will agree that reflections on the time that requires each one of the tasks that you must execute.

If the sum of minutes surpasses the total of hours of your day, you will have to study the possibility of reducing the assigned time to each task, by means of a new system of work. Sometimes, of time is inflict casualties by obsolete habits that nevertheless you continue using because you do fixed to your mind a very rigid working standard. But really the volume of work surpasses to you and it is not possible to you to carry out all tasks nor with the best one of the planning, then it will agree that you consider to speak with your superiors and to set out the situation to them. The key to really optimize the working time is to have healthful habits of management of the time, and these habits are: It reviews the planning, is for being fulfilled. Carlos Galician Creative of the Course Domina Your Time DUPLICATE Your Productivity in 7 Days, you click in DominTuTiempo.