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Pure Screen

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It happens the Obscenity: most visible, communicable, not dark or repressed it. The Consumer society lived under the sign on Alignment, like a Society of the Spectacle. In the present hour everything is set out in the light of the Information and the Communication. We live the ecstasy on the communication. The message no longer exists, is the means the one that prevails in its pure circulation. This universe of the Communication has impressive a pornographic transparency. It governs this obscenity trusts and communicational, contactual and motivational. We live under the saturation and the incessant requesting.

A state of pure fascination psicotrpica and vertigo, pornographic delirium of the Communication. All Interioridad is extroverted forzadamente, by the latest Categorical Imperative of the Communication. It exists then, a new form of Schizophrenia: sensation of terror, defenselessness of the privacy, total instantaneity of the things. It does not exist the possible retirement nor defense. Definitively, under the empire of the excessive exhibition and transparency of the Electronic World, the Subject is now only one Pure Screen. IV.

– According to Segre Will stop (1928, philologist and Italian literary critic, author of " The signs and crtica" and " Semiotics and literary critic, 1975, in his " Critic under control" (Barcelona, 1970, 2 ed. 1974) all the social life, axiom of the Cultural Anthropology, can be considered like a Phenomenon of Communication. And therefore it belongs to the field of the Semiologa, because the Communication only takes place through Signs. We differentiate the Verbal Language by its different smicas functions: denotative and connotative, the joint of the Speech and the Contents always in a unique Verbal Direction. The Filmic Language, on the other hand, is verbal language (it speaks and landmarks, only one part of the artistic communication) plus the images, colors, noises, music, etc. The Electronic Galaxy, according to observed perspicaciously McLuhan in his " The understanding of the Medios" (1 ed., 1964), it has displaced to our Central Nervous System, with the electrical Technology.