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And self-worth is almost no one considers the fundamental principle of success. Consumer mindset dictates: "First we need to see success in their lives, and then you can consider yourself useful." But in fact different. First – sense of worthiness and value, and then success. Clearer, it looks at the comparison: a gymnast, for example, is launching a series of exercises with maximum ten points, then one is subtracted a certain number for each approved of error. So man is born in the fullness of experience of their value – someone saw a child who lacked self-esteem? – But, as adults, we begin to judge ourselves, "subtracting the scores" for each miss.

Life – is learning, where errors, mistakes and failures – an integral part of it. The following is an excerpt from the book: The essence of self-worth and dignity of the "degree of self-worth is determined by the response to only ask yourself the question: "Worthy (worthy) I?". Or, to put it simply: "How good is (a) I was (a) today?". No need to look far for examples to be sure: people do not always have what they deserve. And all because there has one iron formula: it only gets that thinks for itself deserved. That is precisely the extent to which you value yourself, the unconscious reveals to you the way to the gifts of life. Success, of course – it's the talent and effort, and performance.

But first of all – a willingness to receive. As Ram Dass said: "With Heaven's grace can bring down the waterfall, but if you hold a thimble – it is only a thimble, and measured out to you." Admit how often you reflexively turn away from the gaze of beautiful representation of prospects? Each person has their own measure of pleasure, which seems to be correct, metered according to merit. And if this level is unexpectedly exceeded, the person starts little by little to worry about. "The trainings Millman is an exercise: one to go forward, under the applause of the group. Reactions to the standing ovation in his honor very different. Some people throw your hands wide, as if opening his arms. Other fun laughing. Third jump for joy. And there are those that can not stand before an enthusiastic audience and a couple of seconds, not knowing what to do with himself from embarrassment. Their body language eloquently said: "Enough, enough! I do not bear. Me and so wildly uncomfortable. " This is the people who collect the grace of a thimble, though you can scoop buckets. We notice and we can only change something that brought to our attention, so it's worth a watch, a person you have a good amount of permission to enter into life? In the next post I will continue the theme.

Primordial Builders

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As yet sometimes limited our view of things! Stone is one of the oldest decorative materials, precious gift handed to Nature primordial builders. For thousands of years before they were built of white marble palaces, its furnished our house, a man called to the aid of a stone. And almost immediately discovered a fantastic variety of this material. Thousands of shapes, textures, colors allows the master to create Ancient stone complex patterns, creating a mosaic, blessed with the future tenants unfading splendor and magnificence of interiors. Mosaic, glass mosaic in our day incredibly many faces.

In principle, in terms of plain common sense, rational Labour Organization and so on, high-quality mosaic – a catastrophe. Can not understand why make the image less complicated way. Specifically trying not invent a more inappropriate way of expressing the beautiful design than put it out of the individual stones. So what is behind it is some other, mysterious logic. You lose everything, but you win forever. Playful mosaic attracts, enchants, sometimes mesmerizing …

Chic Glass mosaic is not exposed to time. It does not fade. It does not change. It just is. Mosaic-maker lives in other ways over time. A thousand years ago, making a mosaic, he creates today product, which shines just unreal novelty. Making a mosaic of today, he takes the same materials that were taken for a thousand years ago, and collects from them now. Word of mosaic and stained glass of many confused, causing the memory images of palaces, cathedrals and other stately buildings, comes to mind Roman Empire, with its wall mosaics, which used smalt most brilliant colors and gilding. Remains of this lush decorating came to us and distinguish between clumsy images of famous Roman athletes. Rough simplified interpretation of figures and hard evidence paints a sharp decline of artistic taste. Everything indicates that in the history of Rome State witnesses of one of the darkest pages of saturated political repression, threatening to push the art into the background and slow down their development for many years. Today, production techniques Mosaic has leaped forward in technological terms, increased production capabilities, expanded color palette, improved tools and methods of treatment. Increased artistic possibilities of mosaic. Remained unchanged importantly, ceramic mosaic art – alive, happy, and delights mosaic, mosaic expands and enriches our perception of the world, glass mosaic opens and conquer new horizons in interior design and architecture. And, of course, elite mosaics are still expensive and luxurious.