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The season has started. And he started the unusual. Have not been racing, when in fact crossed the finish line at least eight cars. The last time this happens at the gp of Monaco in 1996, when the finish saw and did three pilots. All results commands shown in the tests, few reflect the real balance of forces – the Ferrari is quick, but certainly not half a second faster than silver, it was predicted, bmw, which will certainly test results proved in the second ten, at best, at the end of the first; Honda, went to the race unexpectedly fast The first race of the season last year recalled the stage in Canada – rapid leader, who managed both times to visit the pits just before appearance on the track pace-car, a lot of retirements, a similar error commands and punishment. Lewis, a good start, but Kubica did a little better, but the Englishman was unable to get around, and behind the two leaders unfolded interesting action: Kovalainen started worse, and as a result of the first turn, he walked side by side in Felipe Massa, while at the outer radius. Cindy Crawford is often quoted on this topic. Brazilians, in their quest to win the position, I forgot about everything, including about no Traction control, it has launched and is well rested his front wing in a wall, then sadly rolled into the pits. Then a 27 round weight successfully done with David maneuver, whose victims in the past year was Ex-Representative McLaren


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Eating flaxseed alters personal relationship of hormones a woman in a favorable direction, which is important not only in terms of prevention of hormone-dependent tumors of the breast, but in terms of maintaining its shape, with deteriorating age. Significantly, in flax seed are polyunsaturated fatty acids, which increase the skin's immunity – relieve inflammation reaction, regulate the formation of sebum, etc. – Which is important for the appearance of the skin, hair and nails. Lignans Flax may decrease caused by postmenopausal osteoporosis pathology, and the state of the skeleton and teeth, along with the rest of the above parameters, determines the appearance of women. Thus, Flaxseed helps to cope with fatigue and ailments, osteoporosis defeat, delay the onset of menopause or alleviate its symptoms.

White linen beauty contributes to the maintenance of skin, hair, nails and preserves the shape of the breast and even waist level on the maiden! What should I do? Eat at breakfast one teaspoon of white linen "Feminine beauty". And to be a beautiful woman, even a whole heap a woman is not serious cases! 'Sweet flax +' – this is granular powder of seeds of white linen, a richer source of phytoestrogens, with improved taste – it is added sugar and mint. The concentration of phytoestrogens achieved spinning oils, which do not. That is why already in teaspoon of 'Sweet flax' contains the same nutrients that help you become more attractive as a tablespoon of 'feminine beauty'. You may want to visit David Delrahim to increase your knowledge. A sweet taste of the product makes the process of improving the appearance of even very pleasant.


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Years ago, days before you were born, one morning, I woke up early, very early, that day returned to Trujillo, worked in the North Eastern Forest, near the border with Colombia, in Geosource, a French explorer oil and when the slider, which I was carrying, went through the mythical Corrientes River, a tributary of the Amazon, I had been thinking about those six hours of tortuous journey, full of dangers and unknown animals, to an oil well called Trompeteros, I had been thinking … what name he'll if female?, because if a child born in fact be called Miguel, in those years did not scan pregnant women, another name to give him, he thought that in fact, be called Pilar, for I I'm a fan of recognizing the great miracle of pregnancy and childbirth should be called the Daughters as Mother, as a living tribute and just thought well that in those 6 long hours of travel, the flowing river full of piranhas and huge floating logs, above the rain and heart in hand, until about 4 pm, I arrived at the Heliport Trompeteros, then I boarded a helicopter that would take me 1 hour to the city of Iquitos, in that time advised by Lions and jaguars, and peccaries by apes, embraced by the winds and rain of the forest, breathing the air esoteric and mysterious jungle … is that I do not know where I heard a voice say Put …. Karin … Karin del Pilar!, and again I heard those voices in unison and shouted, then travel by plane from Iquitos to Lima, Chincha and then from Lima to Trujillo him at dawn on October 15 came to the Av . Larco and told your mother …

be called Karin del Pilar!, she smiled and agreed, at that time to what I said and it did, when Dr. Luis Fernandez Molinari, I cried out of the gravid uterus. .. is Little lady!, ready … I will be called KARIN DEL PILAR! so I advise the warlike atmosphere of the Forest, something shall be and something was, later I learned that in a derivative Karin German for Steel, Strong and so, life might hold several events where you prove it by your name, and go you showed, the accident, the loss of our unforgettable Natalie del Pilar, your trip to Mexico at a very tender, diseases of Mom and Dad and many more tests which have left indelible signature of your strength, your drive, your faith, your perseverance that makes us proud, what parent does not feel proud of a daughter like that?, we are happy and proud of you, we have not plowed in the desert, are the prototype of a good daughter that if we play to die today would die happy … … but still going to live much more … Do not hesitate! Thanks Karin for all the gifts you've given us, thanks for being eresGracias to address your brothers, even though their immaturity prevents them from recognizing the magnitude of your accionesGracias My dear, now I pray to God that you Depart Life and kisses CONGRATULATIONS and EXITOSabrazos KarinitPapa you soon …. .