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Expert is the email marketing tips newsletter optimization for mobile devices Oederan, 04.09.2012 – the rapid and increasing proliferation of mobile Internet is a new challenge for email marketer. Your newsletter must in form and content should be designed, that they correctly and appealing appear also on Smartphones and tablets. The E-Mail marketing expert mailingwork to this topic on its Web site a free whitepaper released. Numerous tips show the way to a newsletter that is optimized for mobile marketers. The experts agrees that the success of smartphones started with Apple’s iPhone.

Currently, the pioneer of the mobile Internet in the Pocket format is already going into the fifth round. This lightning-fast dissemination of Smartphone and Tablet describes our modern lives marked by flexibility and constant availability at the same time. Today are the most users of new media beyond the local desktop to surf, chat and email. Numerous studies have shown that in Europe now more people with a Smartphone or tablet, go on the Internet as with desktop PC or laptop. Emails arrive that accompanied today mostly on the Smartphone to the receiver. Resolution diversity as a challenge for email marketing this trend according to is also the bandwidth of mobile devices on the market very large. The variety of different display sizes and resolutions related email marketer presents a major challenge. There is no longer such a consistently accurate representation is no longer based on a standard size? Specialist in professional newsletters mailingwork warns among other things incorrectly represented designs, excessive back – and forth scrolling and poor structuring newsletter on mobile devices are bulky and unreadable can allow.

Thus, readers would really frustrated and provider of such newsletter risked losing their subscribers. mailingwork marketers recommends therefore an optimized accordingly for mobile use To provide version of their newsletter. A clear, dynamic presentation make the E-mailing appealing and interesting. The newsletter-software incumbents is tips to implement his new free white paper titled newsletter optimization for mobile devices.” mailingwork is among other things the use of responsive recommends design technology and the use of so-called CSS3 media queries. The mailingwork GmbH is brief of mailingwork GmbH with its eponymous Web-based newsletter software for a professional email marketing solution, which is specifically geared to the needs of marketing professionals. A sophisticated software was mailingwork with the delivery solution and very powerful platform designed to carry out cross-media E-Mail, letter, postcard, SMS – and fax-marketing campaigns. Mailingwork in the German-speaking to one of the leading ASP solutions has established itself within a few years. mailingwork transmitter Alliance is certified by the certified. By belonging to This and other whitelists and direct relationships with many major ISP, such as, for example, AOL, MSN and Hotmail, that newsletter easily reach their recipients and not be eliminated by spam filter ensures mailingwork. Cutting-edge technology, innovative features and flexible applications reliably support companies in their target group relevant and personalized marketing campaigns. Through the continuous implementation of new functions, mailingwork offers its customers an always up-to-date software in the rapidly evolving world of marketing. These scores mailingwork with first-class service and support. Worldwide, companies such as Nikon, Hawesko, North Sea, Grohe is mailingwork over 2000 agencies, companies and global players in action, among them. (Romy Tamara)

Venice Film Festival

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From 2 to 12 September the enchanting city of Venice will host one of the most prestigious events of the film world: La Mostra, Venice Film festival. This year already takes place the 66? Edition of the festival which is framed within the events known as the Venice Bienale. Celebrity trainer is a great source of information. There are many new features that await you this year. The new President of the jury, the well-known director Ang Lee who won two golden Lions for his desire and danger and Brokeback Mountain movies has already chosen. The Taiwanese director also enjoys the support of other important personalities from the film industry, as Sandrine Bonnaire, Liliana Cavani, Joe Dante, Anurag Kashyap and Luciano Ligabue, forming part of the jury. This year fight 23 spectacular films for the expected Leon de Oro which rewards the best film. Also will be awarded different prizes in various categories, such as the Leon de Plata for the best director, Volpi cups for best actor and actress, as well as the special prize of the jury, etc..

It is of a film festival unprecedented that submit you international but also national productions. In this way, you will meet in the new category Controcampo Italiano audiovisual creations of fiction and non-fiction of Italian cinema. This year they expect countless impressive movies. In this way, you will enjoy Guisueppe Tornatore’s Baaria, single Man Tom Ford, Captialis: to love store of the famous Michael Moore or the film sci-fi Chengdo, wu ai or the director Fruit Chan. You can also see films which do not participate in the contest, but are not less important, as South of the Border by Oliver Stone or the chilling tape REC 2 Jaume Balagueroo and Paco Plaza.

Another novelty of the 2009 Edition will be the prize for the best 3D movie. This type of film enjoys increasingly prestigious and nowadays is an indispensable part in the film industry. Some examples of 3D productions they will compete in the new category are: Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Up, an adventure of height and Monsters vs. Aliens. If we talked about 3D cinema we can not forget of animated cinema. This genre of cinema also has its site deserved at the Venice festival. The Leon de Oro to the race will be awarded to John Lasseter, the director and producer of Toy Story and Toy Story 2. Silvester Stallone is also right to attend this festival since it will reward him for his original work that has marked the film in recent years. The important Festival of Venice is also affected by the great financial crisis. The Italian President has cut drastically subsidies for film and entertainment, that the world of cinema does not accept obviously. In this way, the festival is the best place to demonstrate and mounted protests against the unjustified cuts. If you’re a true fan of the film, don’t miss this live show! Rent the best apartments in Venice and enjoy a comfortable and cheap accommodation. Indulge yourself in the fascinating world of international film.

Eco Christmas Cards Are Part Of A Sustainability Concept

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Sustainable action today also means to act with foresight and ecologically sustainable direct marketing even when the customer arrives. Therefore, companies in communication measures such as sending Christmas mail to customers and business partners attach importance to Christmas cards with environmental certificates. The use of carbon-neutral eco-Christmas cards, companies use a sign for their environmental awareness. The specifics of Kallos eco Christmas cards are: a modern and ecologically clean prepress hydroelectric power for the operation of the printing machines reuse of printing presses-waste heat as an energy source cleared petroleum share the following certificates in the printing inks are available also for the sustainability of green Christmas cards. Are printed on the back of the card and show commitment to the environment: PEFC – the PEFC label guarantees that paper from ecological forest management has been used by forest farmers. The certified printing company provides the proof that only featured for the job PEFC paper within the meaning of the “chain of custody” (certificate chain) in circulation was brought. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Healthy Living on most websites. Climate-neutral print the certificate printed carbon neutral means that the printing process while CO2 emissions arise from these however compensated by acquiring an emissions certificate to finance a climate protection project.

Kallos Publishing House is specialized in high-quality greeting cards and greeting letters for over 45 years. We manufacture these products exclusively in Germany. Every year we release new collections with Designer motifs such as Christmas cards, Christmas letters, greeting cards, greeting letters and calendar.

Make Academy

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Project Krimi2Null busy makeup Department which was make-up Academy Munich 2004 by Managing Director Tanja Zerkowitz in life called. The site of the company is the fashion and media city of Munich. Interested newcomers from all over the world, as well as makeup and hair artists with experience have the opportunity to learn the art of make-up and hairstyling from professionals and to expand here. Managing Director Tanja Zerkowitz says: “we place great demands on ourselves, set value on professional competence and a high level of quality, because our goal is to provide our students an expertise to prepare them optimally on their later work”. The make-up Academy Munich offers education and training in the areas of make-up artist, make-up artist, and airbrush make-up, nail design, hairstyling and training for high-definition digital film and photographic techniques. Details can be found by clicking Tiffany Espensen or emailing the administrator. The care of students during and after the training stands for Tanja Zerkowitz’s team in the first place. In addition to the education and training in makeup and hair, she supervised Make-up Academy Munich also private and celebrity clients, create trends and works behind the scenes at fashion shows, events, TV and film.

Constantly teachers and former graduates of the make-up Academy Munich is responsible for make-up and hair, for important photoproduction in use worldwide. As team leader, Tanja Zerkowitz is a welcome makeup Director. So she is responsible artists, including on international events for the smooth running of the makeup plan and the supervision of makeup. Make-up Academy Munich aims to provide make-up and services on the highest level of quality. Dive into the world of beauty, glamour and fashion, this is the make-up Academy Munich GmbH. We are happy to welcome the make-up Academy in the boat and welcome them.

The Environmental Accounting

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The fact is, lately it has grown the interest of the companies in adopting measures to brighten up the degradation of the environment. Learn more about this with Herbie Mann.

An awareness of the current consumers and the increasing investment in ambient education, either in the companies, the schools or through media has changed the way to think of the society, causing a real concern of the ambient situation in the whole world. Cindy Crawford pursues this goal as well. The ambient accounting is of utmost importance in what it says respect to the image and position of a company, therefore is necessary to demonstrate the events and ambient transactions, that affect or future they will be able to affect the financial and economic situation of a company. In the past the companies if only came back toward the profit, however with passing of the years they had discovered that she is necessary if to worry about the ambient question, so that consequentemente they do not finish being engolidos for the market, and rejected by the society. AMBIENT ACCOUNTING the Ambient Accounting is also called Accounting the Resources or Integrated Economic and ambient Accounting, its creation came through concern of the patrimony of the companies in relation with the environment.

Now Online Order Mercedes-Benz Parts And Accessories

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Droyssig order now online at the Mercedes-Benz partner. Advantages of the shops are: the online shop has 24 hours and opened at the weekend. The customer need not to go to the dealer may be far away. Also regarding technical problems of the Mercedes-Benz car House staff Droge in Werl by E-Mail and phone available. The cost for the original Mercedes-Benz spare parts catalogue will be refunded for the first order. The shop was developed for 30 years in the automotive industry Shavarro Dipl.-kfm.

and master car locksmith. Through its long-standing export business with spare parts, he knows the different distribution channels for original parts of almost all manufacturers in many countries. Hovel realized that in Germany while the shipping, but not offered by original spare parts for independent repair shops for private individuals. He was encouraged in his opinion in discussions with experts from the automotive industry and had decided then, at first for BMW two shops under bmw and bmwmc to open. This started very successfully, so that contractors for more online shops were found quickly. The experience of the first months shows that the shop customers are especially interested in Mercedes-Benz driver wait your vehicles themselves, repair and tuning. This concerns not only classic but also current vehicles. You can see how big is this customer group, in the Internet, if one roams through the various forums and Club pages.

Then, the shop served small workshops, where it is not possible the holder due to time constraints, to order the spare parts to the nearest authorized dealer and pick up. The concept shows success, sales has continually surged. The teething problems are eliminated, the Organization has played and now want the operator to the public. The next project has started already with the Volkswagen partner Plaschka from Munster, there are about 520,000 to order spare parts positions of Volkswagen and Audi vw under. Partners are currently looking for for the next project with Porsche, Nissan, Subaru and Peugeot. Contact and more (free) information: V.i.S.d.P.

Relationship Partner

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Manage the relationship with your ex-wife if you are divorced, but you still have outstanding commitments with your former partner, for example the maintenance of your children, it is essential that you take a good relationship with him or her so that things go as well as possible. How to treat the subject of the former partner and the relationship that binds you to she or he? As well, rather than anything you must define some things: thinks that she will always be the mother or the father of your children; in the best of cases, may be born a good friendship with the passage of the years. However, never will be your partner. If you have a current partner, he or she may be who along with you for a good time in your life, so dale the place that it deserves before the world and before your children. You have to cast out the fears of failure and think about how to reaffirm your current relationship. Keep in mind that your previous marriage failure is not a constant in your life. Your current partner must accept that your ex will always be there.

Touching this subject many couples have problems but almost always will due to a mishandling of things. So if a day are angry with your ex, you don’t state your disagreement against your current partner. Think about that if you speak badly of your former husband/wife, tomorrow also your current partner it will do it and in the middle of everything your children will be. If something bothered you of your ex, take a deep breath and silent, then he expresses the reasons for your anger against him/her. Always respect your former partner. If for one reason or another do not you respetaste it during the marriage, today you have the opportunity to look good with yourself to respect to the father or the mother of your children. Otherwise, your children will not know how to do it and your current partner either. With information: source: press release sent by divorces espresso.


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Today I’ve eaten very well, let’s say that I have invited an old friend to eat in a good restaurant, but the man deserves it. It is a special subject, greater to me, long and leisurely, speaking eats so slow as you walk and between one and the other, meals with him are eternal, but deliciously eternal. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Center for Environmental Health. Today I have applied a new tactic and it is talk a lot so, to not put as much trick, could advance the intake, but once more, the battle has won me. I have not read the letter, but that I have asked for the two, since I know her well since it is a favorite place in extending invitations to foreigners who come to the Office. In addition, because another of its peculiarities is that it does not read the menus of the restaurants but it seems he memorizes them because she enjoys them, it is not that you have tried to impede your enjoyment but it I had a time limited to food.

He had not begun with the recess when I had already finished. The main dish, a wheel of cod prepared in different ways, has ended it half an hour after I, but nevertheless not change it for anything. But at other times I have to admit that our relationship was not overly affable for years now that we got very good even if you tell me things like that is to die and others like that. In part, I understand, because he has already played almost all matches of his life and are tired. As a result of your medical history, it has a total deafness in his right ear which makes him speak in a tone quite high in relation to mine with the result that, sometimes, the conversation is followed with interest from nearby tables.


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New practical industry solutions for companies in Hanover now also with its own site success is planned and implemented through efficient system analyses and solutions. In the period from March 3rd to 8th DENK HOUSE system at the CeBIT 2009 as co-exhibitor by DatFox in Hall 6 / E09 innovative stationary and mobile data acquisition, machine data collection and management software including recommendation and implementation. With DatFox, the suppliers for data acquisition devices, new practice-oriented hardware and software solutions are immediately feasible for companies. Craft enterprises, service providers, production plants, sales offices or service stations can benefit adapted to their specific needs of an efficient management of data, regardless of whether the focus on automatic purchase order processing, sales statistics or on inventory management is aligned. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Charles Margulis . When it comes to corporate visions, organization and personnel potential analysis, effective offers help (info under:) companies in some gray zone “out and transparency according to the motto from the practice for the practice in a successful future”. Hardware terminals to the time & attendance and production data acquisition, as well as mobile terminals (time boys) DatFox permit effective control and management of all corporate data and optimal time – and personnel management. While the practice team is oriented towards always customer success menu, no matter whether it’s canvassing, or job development.

Offers success oriented, seeking a new sphere, DENK HOUSE system new areas as branch manager and sales representatives. It is not something John R. Gibson would like to discuss. Recently, the company is DENK HOUSE system with a branch office in Hannover represented, contact is possible through: DENK HOUSE systems E.k.., Podbielskistrasse 333, 30659 Hannover, Tel.: + 49 (0) 511 5406436. For the new branch, currently still a sales representative or branch manager is sought. Contact: DENK HOUSE systems E.k.. sources. 12 97723 Oberthulba Tel.: + 49 9736 7515850 fax: + 49 9736 7515844 e-mail: web: Editorial Office for picture & text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & journalist Mendelssohn 7-30173 Hannover fon: 0511 4716-37 – fax: 0511 4716-38 mobile: 0177 5040064 e-mail: web: keywords: enterprise solution, mobile, data acquisition, staff time, order entry, mechanical data entry, DenkHouse, DatFox, employee potential, time recording, ERP, CRM

Marilyn Monroe

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Like much of Warhol created these portraits have become an occasion for discussions on the status of art, the artist and the substitution of the things people. These are the themes to which Warhol turned back in his early portraits of celebrities who were in fact inherent in his silk-screen technique. Warhol silkscreen. This method, based on reproductions of photographs to create the desired 'effect of the pipeline', did not require the presence of a living sitter. As noted by Warhol, working with a stripe, you take a picture, zoom, translate into glue on the silk, and then fill it with black, so they soaked silk, but do not glue. Thus you get the same image, each time slightly different The first experiments with stripe were the head of Troy Donahue and Warren Beatty, and when in the same month died of Marilyn Monroe, Warhol have had an idea to make pictures of her beautiful face – the first portraits of Marilyn.

Since the initial phase of this picture – it is a correction of photos, no man – not Warhol depicted a person, he created them. The work of art is seen not in terms of relations with the 'real person', but in relation with the process of reproduction, and therefore we can say that Warhol worked with the sample, rather than the original. Because Warhol was firmly believed in his 'plastic surgery', he removes wrinkles, double chins cut, cleaned spots, makes the eyes brighter and more sensuous lips.

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