Ambient Education

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THEORETICAL REFERNCIAL THE WAYS OF AMBIENT EDUCATION From 10 a thousand years B.C. the agricultural revolution caused impacts the nature, for the falling of trees of the forests. Since then, the man hears to say in specimen extinguishing of the fauna and flora, pollution of air for the forest fires, pollution of the ground, excess of organic substance and erosion. (MUCELIN, 2004). At the beginning of the decade of 60, the ambient problems already showed the irrationality of the economic model, but not yet it was said in Ambient Education. Only in March of 1965, in the Conference of Education of the University of Keele, in England, the expression was placed for the first time Ambient Education, with the recommendation of that it would have to become an essential part of education of all the citizens.

In accordance with Days (1991), it was in the year of 1972 that it occurred the events most decisive for the evolution of the ambient boarding in the world. The Organization of United Nations promoted, of day 5 a16 of July, in Sweden, ' ' Conference of the ONU on the Humano&#039 Environment; ' , (or Conference of Estocolmo), as she was consecrated. Considered a landmark international description-politician, the Conference established one ' ' Plan of Mundial&#039 Action; ' e, in particular, recommended that an International Program of Ambient Education had to be established. It was where the Ambient Education passed to be considered as pedagogical field of activity, acquiring international relevance and validity. In the year of 1975, UNESCO promoted in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, the International Meeting on Ambient Education, joining specialists of 65 countries. In the meeting, principles and orientaes for an International Program of Ambient Education had been formulated, according to which this would have to be continuous, to multidiscipline, integrated ace regional differences and come back toward the national interests. The quarrel on the terrible disparidades between the countries of the North and the South generated, in this meeting, the Letter of Belgrade, in which if it expressed necessity of the exercise of new global ethics, that provided the eradication of the poverty, the hunger, the illiteracy, the pollution and the domination and exploration human being.

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