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The harmony of the soul comes for intermediary of the learning of music and the mathematics; the harmony of the body through the gymnastics; e, for that they will be apt, the exercise of the dialectic for the contemplation of the truth. This would determine the governing of the city. Plato considered, then, an aristocracy, but well different of the athenian. An aristocracy formed for a rigid and extensive system of education, and completely established and interested only in the justice idea. The governing would have to accept to be in the government to only make the good to all, without becoming instrument of being able. In ' ' Myth of the Caverna' ' , where prisoners in the subterranean, chained of front for the wall can see only the shades that they reflect in the wall.

One of them is become free and come across with the reality, distinct of that one of the shades. Made an impression, she comes back to the interior of the cave to count its friends on the real world that existed outside, but they oppose to believe and finish killing that one that it came back to free them. Plato projects a world where the men are educated to enxergar the light and always to doubt the shades, never to believe the first certezas and so only the appearances, and always to receive that one that come to show the truth. Aristotle In Atenas, Aristotle established the school where if he congregated with its disciples, the 2 secondary school. He had platonic formation and he frequentou the Academy per 20 years, leaving after the death of Plato, and therefore he can yourself be perceived very of the thought of it in the texts of Aristotle. Aristotle the same had starting point of Plato, but the platonic thought served of matureness for its ideas.

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