Basic Bioenergy Concepts

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When they are effectively and maintain one sufficient relationship so that it can exercise a real interaction, new and interesting developments can be expected. A medicine that dates from makes more of 40 centuries, with a methodology highly qualified scientists and scholars modern have ratified sometimes surprised by the perspicacity and the precision with which various physical and mental pathologies were developed. Even difficult or impossible explanation for modern science diseases found response and palliative treatment in this ancient medicine. Even the psychology benefits since the study of energy shows us the sicosomatico way of so many mental and psychological ailments, his subtlety is such that the psychological depths studies prepared by Froid, Jung, Adler found in this ancient medicine a necessary antecedent. What is known in West of acupuncture is something biased and inaccurate, we know that it is practiced by inserting needles at various points of the body and thus are treated more various pathologies, sometimes our patients ask us if there is pain and because of those punctures, sometimes distant from the condition.

Mainly known because treating pain, neuralgia, sciatica, rheumatism, migraines,…they are unquestionably enhanced by this science. Experiences in clinical analgesia are also known, this is perhaps what has most convinced the international scientific community. These ideas despite being correct are not explaining everything that entails acupuncture, for example, not only are also used needles, use Moxa, species of pure of ARTEMIS, pressures, massage by the energetic channels called meridians. Acupuncture is painful?, little or nothing, but of course this depends on the patient, your state of relaxation, has much to do with the appreciation of a nagging feeling. But, as I said before this millenary science goes beyond simple pain treatment, primarily rebalances the body energy that flows through the meridians and This energy in turn is responsible for healing different diseases, so we can treat from a virus to an arthrosis of a psychological problem to a painful rule.

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