Be Satisfied With Your Job

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I trust that whatever you ask for you will be given. 3.-Be happy in your current job, Make it a priority! Reduce your workload by 50% increase your fun load by 100% and increase your income by 200% – Abraham-Hicks – I used to be a very responsible and hardworking, always wanting to do more, always putting goals and targets to achieve and work hard to achieve them. But in my eagerness to work so I left out the fun and positive vibrations so my economic performance left much to be desired. Then one day I read the quote from Abraham Reduce your workload by 50% increase your fun load by 100% … and your income will increase by 200% and guess what? It worked! I reduced my work in the office and increased my fun and stopped doing things that were done by themselves or were not nearly so essential and so I could devote myself to improve my working life longer because my vibrations were high most of the time. Abraham said that whatever we do in a good mood will give us great results and that’s why athletes and singers earn much money, because while they are singing, playing or dancing are connected to the highest vibration of the universe and economically swimming in cash. This simple concept of having fun while you work is something that can change the course of your finances and what you will experience in labor issues.

It is recommended that routine plan your fun at work for not letting go of stress, here are some suggestions: My list of fun at work 1.-Set your favorite music or have your favorite CDs on hand 2.-Subscribe a service of jokes in your mailbox entry. 3.-Have on hand a plant, flowers or a stuffed animal, pictures of your family, pets and loved ones. 4.-have tools at hand to prepare a delicious cappuccino or tea with flowers or just your favorite drink. 5.-Have about photographs of landscapes, beaches, mountains, forests, cities, planets 6.-Making virtual reality during the day (17 seconds pretty imagining any situation) can be a restaurant in Paris with the love of your life, the rich smell of freshly brewed coffee, music, romantic candlelight, or imagine that you are in a beautiful mountain, resting on the sand. 7.-To seek the company of nice people when it comes to food. Once you begin to emit positive vibrations the circumstances around you change so much, you will begin to attract more things that you do want and less of those who do not want.

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