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These two first chapters say respect to the beginning of a history of impossible love between two people who if hate but that fast they perceive that they are gotten passionate one by the other, and that, however, they are separate for one I tie familiar unexpected! It will be that it will have a happy end for the protagonists? Epilogue Catherine liked to be to the outdoors! She was one of the advantages of living in that so great mansion! All the morning if seated in a very special tree and was to far appreciate the sea to and the breeze of the morning! It had only fifteen years and everything what more it wanted was that the night started to run to be able to see the sunrise of that wonderful tree and, minutes later, the sea that if sighted to far! Clearly that these were not its two bigger pleasures! Its favourite, optimum pleasure of all, was to see Bernardine per the morning, to swim in the swimming pool, without it was apercebesse of that watched it! He was four years older but Catherine felt itself fascinated by it! Its arms, its eyes, its mouth? everything in it was fabuloso! Of night, it dreamed it grasped that it and kissed that it never before as had been kissed and that it said words to it of love to the ear. It woke up made marshy and it perceived that, one more time, it had not passed of a simple dream! The truth was well worse! Seated in the tree and abstracted of its thoughts, it did not give account that Bernardine already had left the swimming pool and that it walked for it. – You know small, start to be satiated that me you always walk to watch! You do not have proper life? It asked of aggressive form. .

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