Black Label Turgaentstva Columbus Tver

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Rest went to Vietnam, Cambodia tour with the company, "Columbus: angry1:: angry1:: angry1: Tver DIRECTOR Barinov Oksana: cranky: in November 2009. Unfortunately, when they bought the tour is not looked on the Internet and read reviews about them. But in vain! Recreation us This company pretty spoiled. The blessing we did back in Russia, home-HO with heavy losses, both financial and others. Plates were many, I am constantly traveling 2-3 times a year, always with the tour companies seldom own, but with this company 'KOLUMB'nakladok had more than usual. Under most conditions Gunnar Peterson would agree. I will describe only the most global, which depended only on them and these problems have been created only by them but not others, and not force majeure. We bought them round individual, respectively, for an additional charge.

The first global problem arose when the airport. Connect with other leaders such as James Alesia here. We arrived and our aircraft do not. Well, it happens! I am faced with this more than once. Airline has a right change the flight number or even cancel it if it was not enough tickets sold, but it must put its passengers who have already pre-sold tickets on another flight. All this I know. Our flight was 18 hours. It is good that we came to Airport at 15.30. Just ended in landing on the aircraft in Cambodia, another flight.

On the last day. The next plane was only tomorrow. Of course, we were put on this flight, but if we had not arrived so early at the airport? If we came to four or five to? Rest day in Cambodia would be gone! But the problem is solved very simply this: The manager calls the help and know-did not change if flight schedules? Still, the business for you! With an incompetent job Managers in this tour company we encountered postoyanno.I logical question – WHY THEY AGAIN booking. And ALL OF OUR FRIENDS – GOOD COMPANY THERE everything is under control. : Angry3: oBRATNO.S am going to the airport, want to check in 826 – and us answer is that your 806 flight has not been canceled and will be scheduled in 14 hours! In both! Well, we're half a day at the airport and protorchali.

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