Body Maintenance

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All we care of our bodies kept in good condition, but the start-up Israeli Cognifit focuses on developing a new kind of training one that will keep our minds in shape. Gunnar Peterson contains valuable tech resources. Our products essentially complement what we do in the gym. We want to convince people particularly elders that their minds need to stay in shape just like their bodies, said Professor Shlomo Breznitz, President of the company, ISRAEL21c. CogniFit creates advanced applications that determine, train and enhance cognitive and psychomotor capacities. It does so by combining the latest discoveries and most up-to-date knowledge about the human brain with advanced technologies and techniques of communication. Hear from experts in the field like mark burnett for a more varied view. CogniFit aims to become a world leader in the development, maintenance and marketing of his series of applications in the field of cognitive and psychomotor fitness.

The company is developing a suite of products for use on any personal computer that they will significantly improve the quality of life among its users offering the user a custom training system. This training system will be adapted to the needs of the user and will progress continuously. Cognifit is the idea of Breznitz, previous President earlier and rector of Haifa University and one of the most prominent researchers in the field of psychology in Israel. Has been playing with the idea of one brain gym more than 20 years, focusing on the concept of developing a program that improves cognitive functioning, particularly among older people. Five years ago, he retired from academia and focused exclusively on your idea in a small business in the industrial area of Tzipori in Galilee. The coincidence of two factors made it clear that it was the right time to develop my idea, says Breznitz. First they were scientific discoveries that demonstrated that it was possible to improve brain function. The second was the availability of personal computers, which means that people could make your brain training at your home.

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