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With respect to the medicine propaganda, if it observes a permissividade. Although the legislation forbids the propaganda of ethical products, for ways of spreading that not directed them to the medical category (reviewed specialized, direct mail for doctors, separatas, etc.), in what respect says to remedies of line popular (those whose promotion of sales and commercialization is not submitted to no prohibition), the propaganda is carried through intensely by the medias of bigger penetration. The promotion of medicine sales of ethical line never is carried through directly the consumer. In this in case that, the privileged agents of commercialization are you would drug them (or ' ' farmcias' ') the doctors; that in fact they are considered, always, ' ' targets lgicos' ' of the medicine promotion, according to proper language of the pharmaceutical industry. Second To sound (1992, page 15), data and opinions of specialists ' ' (…) they prove the systematic use in Brazil of papal briefs with excess of therapeutical indications for each product and minimizao, at the same time if not complete omission, of the collateral references and effect or against-indicaes' '. Its study he also concludes that ' ' Of thirty vendidos medicines more of a group of ten companies he verified himself that only two presented papal briefs fidiciary offices those demanded in its native countries. Of these two, one mentions the product of exclusive sales in hospitais.' ' In relation to the importance of the propaganda in the act of if automedicar, To sound has opinion that it is resembled of Santi, alleging that currently the pharmaceutical advertising obtained to also distort the medical vision and of the public that discovered a more easy way, fast and cheap of if treating. ' ' Today nobody can escape of it (the propaganda), through posters, radio, television, periodicals and magazines, this everything with the objective to assure that all are informed on the greater number of different products, that if define to the mass consumption, being that these medicines can easily be bought in pharmacies without prescription mdica' '.

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