Child Car Seat

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Very often when traveling in cars of parents concerned about the issue: how to protect his beloved child? Standard protection in the form of belts and airbags designed for adult passengers. The optimal address this issue is to use a child seat. Arguments in favor of buying car seats are different. But the most weighty of these is quite high child's safety while traveling in a car. Standards safety of the child should travel in a vehicle car seat up to 10-12 years. Before you buy a baby car seat, make sure that it meets European safety standard ece R44.03. This safety standard cover design and all the specifications of child car seats, as well as guarantees the safety of the child. Depending on the weight of the child car seat child may belong to one of the five groups.

You can pick up as a seat for the youngest children who weigh up to 12kg, and for the largest (weight – 36 kg). If you decide to buy a child car seat, first determine which group it should belong. Child seats right to choose not by the color spacing and style features, and should take into account the parameters by which one can judge the safety of its use. The best indicators of child safety seats consider its fastening system. The most optimal mounting system recognized by the system 'Isofix'. In addition, when buying a child seat should pay attention to the quality of the side protection and restraint seat. When buying a car seat should think about where and how it will be placed in avtomobile.Naibolee safest place in the car on statistics is the back seat behind the driver's seat.

Therefore, it would be better if the chair will reside there. For children of different ages have different types of car seats: , carrying, child car seat group 1, group 2 car seats, booster. There are also universal car seat. Specialists note that the use of universal child car seat is less secure than using specialized. This is due to the fact that a specialized car seat allows for more age and weight characteristics Child. In addition, the purchase must pay attention to fixing child seat in the cabin. This fixation should be as reliable and durable. It would be good to buy baby car seat in good specialty store, where experienced salespeople can help choose the best option for your child.

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