Chinese National Games

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(Cordyceps and Sports) History of a sensation 'Cordyceps' with a burst speed of the sprinter in the world of sports in 1992-1993. A little-known female Chinese national team begins to win the world championships and overthrow records stood for nearly 10 years. Newspapers are full of headlines like: 'Orgy of World Records',' The Chinese are brutalized ',' Giant woke up ',' Secret Weapon of Chinese athletes. " So, the Chinese National Games in 1993 Beydzhin city. In the race for 10 miles ahead beyond the 20-year-old Wan Yongxiang. She won this race in Stuttgart at the World Championships in 1992. As it turned out, it was only a prelude to this performance. Wang accelerates after mid-race distance, and each subsequent km it runs faster and faster! This has the sports world has ever seen.

After beating the world record by 42 seconds., Wan Yongxiang missing Chinese flag and ran with it a victory lap, hugging her coach and give an interview … It turned out that Van exceeded the 'impregnable' world record of 10 set by Ingrid Kristiansen km in 1986. She casually during the same race has broken records at distances of 5 and 3 km away! 2 days after 'dozens' was the race at 1,500 meters and at that distance was again Wan Yongxiang world record, with a score of 3.50,46. She is 2 seconds improved record TV Kazankina that 13 years was considered absolutely impregnable! Chinese women, one after another, easily ahead of world record (8.22,62, T. Kazankina, 1984), and in the final gold Wang won the same Yongxiang with a new record of 8.06,11. Only two days at this distance record was beaten by five girls: Wan Yongxiang it, Chu Yongxiang, Zhang Linley, Ma Liyuan and Zhang Lirong. For several days, the Chinese gymnasts overthrew the world record 14 times, and competed with almost no rest.

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