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Thoughts of a Burnout therapist Burnout – more and more people feel burnt out, exhausted, and not powerful. What was yesterday, today no longer goes. Sleep offers no rest and recovery more, thoughts constantly circle from a fear-occupied subject to the next. A large German crane Fund figures are alarming. 2010 Was already every 10 due to Burnout or other mental disease down day at work, sick leave due to Burnout have multiplied in the last 10 years. People who link to their professional responsibility and personal commitment, are most frequently affected. Where is all going to lead us? More people moan about increasing loads, and those who’re not noticeable, not probably know still how it really is them.

Explanations are also quickly found. We live, as we know, in a performance-oriented society, the practices in the labour market always have in recent decades and again more and more changes to the detriment of the workers. A high pace of work goes hand in hand with mental stress, the requirements and also content of many jobs rise from year to year, often falling employee distributes the additional quantum of work on fewer shoulders, who works only 50 hours, has caught probably super. The atmosphere is always rough, no one wants to lose their jobs, scare the competition and candidate snakes on the labour market. You already do just ideal conditions for employers, fodder for Burnout, what should? There are also bright spots, a rethink is to an idea already on the horizon. Not only the demographic change is pushing employers to rethink, the economic damage, stressed, burnt out and little flexible employees produce is significantly not only if, for weeks or even months due to illness and burnout are drawn. It starts rethinking now in many places, but still not all. Da listens and reads you Coaching and movement training for employees, by becoming ever more flexible working time models and time accounts, which give the individual wishes and needs more space.

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