Diabetes And Joint Gymnastics

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noticeable. When I just came diabetes, and I did not know what was going on, I started doing calisthenics joints and weakness (one of the symptoms of diabetes) was lost at once, which means that blood sugar back to normal. That's why I would wanted to share with you these exercises and to advise them to perform every day. In the morning 2 hours after meals and at night, an hour before bedtime. All exercises are performed by 5-25 times. And here do exercises: 1. Head movement up and down.

Perform strongly, with an effort to throw his head back, (but not sharp) directing the head to the back, trying to get a chin chest. 2. Tilts head to the shoulders. The same should be done vigorously, then tilt your head to the right, then to left shoulder, trying to touch the shoulder the ear. Make sure the shoulders are not raised.

3. The rotation of the hands and feet. The rotation of the hands and feet follow the same time, first in one direction, then the other. 4. Rolling head. All and the right to reject your head back, pressing his chin to his neck. Perform 8-10. 6. The rotation of the shoulders. We carry standing, feet together, feet parallel, hands on hips lie. Keeping his hands, perform a circular motion shoulders forward, and then – back. 7. Straighten. While standing, raise your hands up, twist your fingers over your head to the castle. With the effort is pulled up, trying to tear himself as if from the floor. 8. Rotation of the legs. Pick up the thigh parallel to the floor, the shin commit head in the horizontal plane. Chin moves parallel to the floor, his neck does not bend. The movement should be done first in one direction, then the other. 12. The slopes of the knees. Starting position – meet the slope and set hands on your hips with your fingers inward ("Fisherman's posture"). Technique – perform torso turns to the side of each leg, with the arm bent at the elbow. The elbow should be to have a forward and, bending,

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