Effective Respiratory Treatment

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major problems of modern medicine. It is a serious disease caused by HPV types neonkogennymi that could threaten the patient’s life. A single papilloma and papillomatosis of recurrent papillomatosis is caused mainly (80-100% of cases), HPV 11 (less than 6) type. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Cindy Crawford by clicking through. This virus oncogene c DNA, stimulating proliferation of epithelial cells of the basal layer of the mucous membrane of respiratory tract with education papillomatoznyh growths. Laryngeal papillomatosis occurs most commonly in adult men and children in the first years of life.

By age, severity of clinical manifestations and sources of infection are two types of papillomatosis: Respiratory papillomatosis adults (Adult-onset recurrent respiratory papillomatosis). Infection with HPV occurs by oral-genital and (or) oral-anal contact with a sexual partner with clinical manifestations HPV infection or asymptomatic. Respiratory papillomatosis children (Childhood – onset recurrent respiratory papillomatosis). Laryngeal papillomatosis is a rare but serious clinical manifestation of HPV – infection, potentially life-threatening. They are suffering as a newborn, and more adult children. Infection is usually perinatal. The rapid course of disease in young children (and adults) leads to the development of respiratory stenosis requiring repeated, in some cases – monthly surgeries, many patients suffer tens and even hundreds of operations endolaringealnogo remove warts. The prevalence of: 1. Limited 2.

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