Egg Protein In Bodybuilding

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Previously egg protein in the bodybuilding scene, was also referred to as a competition protein, since it caused in contrast to other protein sources do not schwamige skin. At any rate, had the meisten strength athletes and bodybuilders that sense, the egg protein led to a tougher definition. In bodybuilding pure egg white is mostly used because it wants to avoid the fat in egg yolk. There are for bodybuilders and egg protein concentrate in powder form, however, such concentrates the flavor here are usually not as good. And athletes have problems with bad-tasting products, they are concentrated only herunterbekommen Difficult. Benefits of egg protein, it has a high biological value, because it can easily be utilized by the organism. Furthermore, the protein source has a high proportion of the amino acids leucine, isoleucine, valine, methionine and cysteine. These amino acids are important for muscle maintenance and definition. Furthermore, egg protein avoids the storage of water under the skin. What is important for bodybuilders in the competition, as this muscle strands andMuscle definition better get used. Water can literally look like a bodybuilder schwamig. Cons of egg protein, the main disadvantage is the relatively high price and worse taste, with pure egg protein powders. The relatively high proportion of sulfur-containing amino acids in the protein will unfortunately affect the taste. To find that even with the best manufacturers at an aftertaste is. Other occurrences of egg proteins in so-called multi-component proteins, or proteins often 3 components are usually also added egg proteins. Often, the proportion of egg protein in relation to other protein sources Most data is relatively small. Because the producers want to take the risk of poorer taste out of the way, which is caused by egg protein. Viewed in percentage, the fraction Most data below 5%, but there are exceptions.

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