Emergency Situation

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A aspect that called attention in this question is that it had stories of that the grippe is an emergency situation When questioned on which procedure is taken in the occurrence of an emergency situation, 100% of the interviewed ones they had told that the aged one is directed for the hospital. It is observed that until arriving at the hospital, it could be offered interventions with the objective to minimize the suffering of this, that if finds in conditions of aggravates to the health. We understand that a survey of the necessities could be made, taking as starting point to the real difficulties of the field of performance of nursing technician. In accordance with Silva and Seiffert (2009) it is important to stand out that one program of continued education requires efficient and efficient planning to be, with necessary flexibility for the adaptation to the reality, the daily one of the work, the necessities of the professional, the sector of work, the institution and the technological evolution. Wehbe and Galvo (2010) mention that it is of basic importance the clarification and training for the attendance of the emergency situations.

Therefore, the constant update, is necessary, therefore, the nursing technician develops abilities so that they can act in unexpected situations of objective and synchronous form in which they are inserted. FINAL CONSIDERAES the boarding of the subject represented a great challenge for the lack of specialized literature the respect, since similar studies do not exist, that the comparison of the data allows. The data of the research had allowed in them to verify that the education continued with emphasis in situations of emergency to the aged ones is not implanted in way adjusted in the ILPI? s searched, but that the participants of the study, possess critical necessary on its importance, ahead of the requirements and challenges found in the ILPI? s.

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