Fiber and Health

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cleanses blood vessels, plasma charges. apply to the liver improve sleep regenerate nerves after a stressful situations improve the complexion in the body improve eyesight, improve memory ease headaches, relieves dizziness eliminating odor and antibacterial running water can remove the extra charge with a stone. To charge – you need a little bit to hold it on properties and features natural mineral, tourmaline no side body of every person in the right proportion, positive and negative charges takes a weak current of 0.06 mA. Tourmaline crystals produce current is exactly the same size. This makes it possible to restore power balans.Turmalin – the only mineral having long-lasting source of energy – the sun. Produced from the mineral negative ions and low thermal energy eventually create the natural .Turmalin pretty solid mineral (hardness: 7-7,5). Only in the 80 years the Japanese managed to grind mineral in Japan have created the smallest fiber, which includes crystal tourmaline and natural yarn – Fiber Grez. invented liquid tourmaline, connecting it with natural fibers.

We have textiles, linens, .Turmalin absorbs energy. He everything, and radiates infrared energy – the vital energy be current at the surface, infrared radiation makes it possible to contact with air to form negative ions. And when they were sufficiently large number, we get a health happens in the body? “Organisms that have positive charge, combined with the negative charge of oxygen. Such a cell is blocked and it stops growing.

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