Finlax Sauna

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So fewer stones used for a massage, because with a stone much longer can be massaged. Vice versa also applies to “cold” applications. And: the article can be cleaned in the dishwasher easily skin or debris, cleaning agents or massage oils. The Hukka products are based on classic, nordlandisches design that radiates timeless beauty by clean lines and simple style, which follows no fashion trends. “The forms that gives designers Jouko Ahti, his creations are inspired from the nature of the stone and the pure beauty of nature”, enthuses Tiina lax, and also stresses: “Of course no additives are used.” To get the “hot stones” on temperature, there is on the one hand a special heater with thermostat. Hukka-“Harmony” bricks are the easiest way but with hot water to heat. The cold Stones are doused with boiling water in a saucepan.

The water on hand heat is cooled, the stones are application-ready. The longer the stones were heated, the longer they give off heat. They are not immediately moved should a towel separate them from the bare skin and at the same time, a second deck cloth hold the heat. Another possibility is to put the stones in suitable small cloths. Enough change stones are necessary for an effective massage, where each individual under fixed hand movements through the skin should slide and rotate all the time in the hands of the therapist and masseur to deliver the stored heat of the soapstone optimally in the body of the massed. On damaged or irritated skin sites is to look like on an individual, so custom stone temperature as well.

But the Finnish stone harmony offered not only for therapists. Hukka Soapstones are suitable for home use. As described above heated and wrapped in small (hand-held) cloths,. It can placed under neck and knee, provide recreation on the floor or a gymnastics mat as “Stone pillow”. “Relax, take still stone balls in the hands, let the magic heat flow through your body and your soul,” Tiina advises lax to the soapstone-feel – self test. In their words, resonates AWE for a material carrying two billion years of Earth history in itself. Company Description: Finlax is a company from the Rhine-main area, which offers high-quality, original Finnish sauna products. For the complete range applies that in the artful and careful processing masterly craft merges with the respect for nature. The Finlax product range includes in addition to the classics, such as infusion concentrates or creams another Sauna accessories, as it is highly appreciated in Finland and in Germany sustained is also the heart of the sauna visitor. These include inter alia fountain for the sauna stove, stainless steel-infusion sets,-Kubel-Kellen and sauna grills, Sauna pillows made of linen as well as infusion concentrates, humidifier, air freshener, cleaners and Finnish nursing peat for steam baths. A range of products so that inspires all around. Contact: Finlax – original Finnish sauna accessories wife Tiina lax on the Gersprenz 13 64839 Munster in Dieburg Tel.: (0) 6071 38733 press contact: Martina Frenzel wellness and media Phillip of Ward eight road 32 50678 Koln Tel.: 0221 4537373

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