Food Secrets

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You have the best botop in green tea as it provides our organism oxidant anti need to delay aging, best book facial because it has an ingredient oxide fatty Om3 that help rebertizar the cellular process. Our grandmothers were right when they talk about the raw potatoes, it is ideal for wounds and relieve inflammation of eye bags, fall also giving taste with pods of you frozen. Cocoa oil is an excellent lip ointment, oil is ideal for smoothing the skin and works wonders on the legs of chicken together with cocoa butter. For moisturize skin mask of melon pulp, if you wash your skin with yogurt stays with you skin moist all day and a few slices of cucumber applied over the skin help to eliminate wrinkles another old trick crushed pineapple pulp makes you strong body skin and forget about creams and wears an envy rear without spend euros. The effect of chocolate on mind and body is very beneficial and smeared on the body it is ideal to regenerate skin dry, the lower part of the skin of a banana will help us fight an ugly wart in a short time and to nourish the hair nothing more appropriate than put wrapped yogurt wrapped in plastic in 10 minutes and rinse with vinegar to get gloss. (Source: supermodel). To remove stains on the face asparagus make your function with the resulting juice with a one-hour adaptation, it is best consumed guacamoles is a wonderful relaxing natural. If you want to know more good to implement home alone diets click here where it says diets.

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