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Small details can make the difference between more or less sell online. In a recent study done by Simon Fraser University found for example that it is very important to place photographs of people on the website sites devoted to e-commerce (popular virtual stores or online stores). These images of real people increases the confidence of the visitor towards the site website thereby increasing the chances of being able to close a sale from that web site or virtual store. The study has also found that there are different cultural reactions depending on the countries where the target market to which it is addressed to my website. It is very important to determine colors that culturally generate more confidence in my potential clients (I recommend you read several articles about Neuromarketing here at this link). The site GetElastic, developing the conclusions of the research cited above, makes an analysis about the marked differences found when a website site makes use of images of people and When it does not but it warns us that you must make intelligent use of these images of people.

It happens that sometimes those images of people can too divert the attention of people towards the image and thus the shop may lose opportunities to earn money. To capture the attention of visitors images of people this can simply not pay attention to the call to action that has entire online store in order to begin a sale process. Like everything on the internet, I recommend that you experiment and experiment. If your store doesn’t have images of real people, begin using them to measure if really them makes you earn more money or not and try various locations.

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