Getting Rid

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Features of the structure of skin and a large number of internal and external factors affecting it, cause a variety of skin diseases. Many diseases – the result of exposure to biological factors: the microscopic fungi, animals, parasites and viruses. In everyday life we meet with warts, papillomas, and unaware of their viral nature and, consequently, 'contagion'. Wart (verruca) – benign neoplasm of skin rounded growths that are formed due to the strong growths of the epithelium and lying beneath the papillary layer of skin, a bacterial disease, which are ill more often children and adolescents. Pathogen of the disease is transmitted directly in contact with the patient and a household items. Small cracks, injury skin, sweating mogug promote disease. The incubation period for this infection is several months. In general, tumors of the skin – this is a serious thing.

They are not all warts. The main thing – do not take over the wart skin tumors. On the other hand, the warts themselves are capable of regeneration into the tumor. Although warts are very common, a diagnosis alone is not always possible. Many people the appearance of warts on the skin causes a feeling of fear and hostility. In fact, warts can often grow like mushrooms after a rain – tight small tumors. There are several types of warts. Common warts – a dense painless nodules round (3-10 mm in diameter) with a rough surface. They are located on the back of the hand, fingers, face, scalp.

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