Great Masters of Medicine

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The GREAT MASTERS OF the MEDICINE, the parents of the Modern Medicine had admittedly been the Greek scholar Hipcrates and its successor Claude Galeno, doctor and Roman philosopher of origin Greek, natural of Prgamo, old city Greek left in will for king talo III to the Romans, being that the name of Galeno capsized synonymous Doctor. But also we had, in the first century after Christ, the medical school of the therapists of Alexandria, in Egypt, priest-doctors who practised the high medicine (of the body and the spirit). Also thus, in Tebas, in old Egypt, the medicine was practised, there per the year of 1.364 B.C., under the reign of Akhenaton, in the call House of the Life, that was also a medicine college that functioned on of the Real Palace, while in the subsoil it had the House of the Death, where if they embalmed the bodies of corpses, as in the Finnish writer Mika Waltari tells to them, in its Sinuhe romance, based on the history left for the scribes in its papyruses and parchments. They had been, however, the followers of Nestrio, Archbishop of Alexandria, that had obtained to rescue some important still remaining medical manuscripts of the fire of the great Library. Contact information is here: Senator From Kentucky. The nestorianos, whose cultural remainders today constitute in Brazil some of the branches of the Gnose and the Rosacruz, had been excomungados and expulsos of Alexandria for Conclio de Nicia, in the room century after Christ, and if they had taken refuge in the old Prsia. Later the Arabs had conquered the Prsia. However, as its custom was to preserve the science and the culture of other peoples, had kept the good one received to the science of the Therapists and its Persian continuators how much to the study, preserving the workmanships original, brought for the nestorianos of Alexandria and enriched with new contributions. .

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