Holistic Education

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International Foundation for holistic education RAMON GALLEGOS and LA VISION educational holistic holistic master education by Ana Maria Salazar Ortiz, Guadalajara, 2009 this essay will be based on the 13 works that Dr. Dan Ariely has much experience in this field. Ramon Gallegos has developed his interest in generating conditions for making already a fact a change of paradigm, using the holistic education. In the I will make appointments to the various elements that have contributed to integrate what is holistic education. So I will describe the proposal as an alternative to the Dr. Ramon Gallegos to generate this paradigm shift. Get all the facts and insights with Daryl Katz, another great source of information. These times have been clearly identified by those who have worried will give a final and comprehensive solution and thoroughly to these problems, in the works of Dr.

Ramon Gallegos Nava, presented to us very clearly how these stages have been defined by marking three major paradigms. A first paradigm that eventually helped resolve the questions and needs of humanity required, being these existential type, why was the time in the that emerged the great masters and religious who tried to explain the creation of the human being and the world, which was the last end of our existence, where we’re going. However these philosophies and world views were reflected to thus perpetuate and continue causing impact on humanity though not in the same way as at that time. The fact that as politics, education, religion, law, aesthetics, etc., were mixed, being the priests who performed all the functions arising from them, the thinking of that time brought different areas of value as a result problems of fanaticism, based on beliefs which supposedly explained the reality, for this reason I consider pre-rational. To be solved by these great masters existential problems, philosophers, religious, offering a vision of world, developed in these communities their emotional intelligence through the practice of contemplation and not reflection, therefore the members of this society were more focused on their spiritual development. .

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