Memory And Aging

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Who never forgot nothing that shoots the first rock! The discovery biological bases of the functioning of the memory has been one of the main concerns of the Neurocincias. But what it is memory? For we, memory nothing more are of what the capacity who we have to hold back and to recoup information and, with this, to modify our behavior in function of previous experiences. However, before continuing our quarrel, it is important to remember that the brain functions as a whole, from regions specialized in the processing of different types of information. Being thus, ' armazenamento' on information he depends on alterations in the structure and the function of nervous cells, as well as of its connections, in different regions of the nervous system. That is, our brain possesss certain ' plasticidade'. However, this plasticity (neural and mannering) varies with the age. That is, the more old, lesser the capacity to occur alterations. Therefore, we consider the memory as optimum biological marker for the aging.

However, although to cause upheavals, the esquecimento is normal in any age; that is, we are passveis to suffer ' amnsia' , that nothing more it is of what the lack or it fails of the memory, in general, of the call declarative memory, that is, those related souvenirs the facts, events, people, etc. The memory problems are most common in the medical doctor’s offices, however, we must distinguish the circumstantial pictures in result from stress of the really pathological pictures. It enters the main causes of the amnesias we can detach stress; the depression, that is more frequent; until dementias more serious as the evil of Alzheimer. But this is not alone! Also the evil of Parkinson in its more advanced periods of training; the chronic and serious dependence of alcohol, cocaine and of other drugs; the vascular injuries; the craniano trauma repeated (in boxe for example) and the exposition the metals weighed by long period (more than twenty years) are between the causes of the amnesias.

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