Menopause Weight Gain

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Menopause weight gain what it so on has… If women in the menopause, they often have with increased weight gain to fight. Here I would like to explain to you, what are the reasons for this. If you are not convinced, visit Cindy Crawford. Not all causes of this weight gain are directly related to menopause. For one, the growth hormone somatotropin is no longer needed in adulthood for the growth. This is only a small amount produced less and less of this hormone, from the age of approximately 40 years.

Growth hormone stimulates not only the growth, but also helps the fat loss. This positive side-effect is missing therefore, if other reasons cause weight gain in menopause. Because also the continuous degradation of muscle mass leads to a lower calorie needs (if left unchecked by proper training, weight loss see, for example, these free quick report). Many people do not adapt but this decreased demand, but keep their calories in such as. This inevitably of course, regardless of the menopause, weight gain with advancing age. The production of growth hormone can be but to a certain extent quite stimulate themselves, by moving sufficiently physically and is also active. As to eat protein – and vitamin-C rich last meal, is generally useful for slimming and pushes Moreover the production of this hormone. What many women don’t know: clean by the ovulation and the monthly maturing of an egg every day about 300 Kcal consumed so a quite considerable amount.

Dropped this process through the menopause, a weight gain of an average one kilo per year is inevitable, if you don’t properly manage against lower calorie intake or exercise more. Also meet the common mental fluctuations through comfort eating”many women. Also the hormonal changes through menopause affect weight gain. An excess of estrogen that increases Weight. For a relative estrogen excess due to a lack of progesterone also is enough, as is the case in the first few years of menopause. Here it is fatal that by menopausal symptoms often estrogen-containing food products used for relief. This is often not checked again, whether is actually a lack of estrogen. However the production of progesterone, leading first to a relative estrogen excess drops during menopause first. In this phase, it is advisable to avoid because these Phytoestrogens contain soy products or beer. You should take drugs which contain Phytohormones or synthetic estrogen, anyway just in a serene consumption. Who still proving difficult to deal, to maintain his weight, can slightly overweight usually at least console themselves that the hormonal menopause smoother transition adipose tissue which also produced estrogen. The freedom of movement is restricted or a healthy BMI a slow but sustainable weight loss has been exceeded, duty. Otherwise, one must reckon with diseases such as diabetes or knee discomfort. Slimming should be by a sensible nutrition and sufficient exercise to prevent a yo-yo effect. Regular exercise reduces also the menopausal symptoms. Crash diets with rapid weight loss are therefore out of place, because eventually the skin needs sufficient time to adjust accordingly. One to two pounds per month are a good target.

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