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Gynecology course of physical activity for pregnant women to promote physical activity in pregnant women and the benefits this both for the expectant mother and the baby that expected, the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) in Jalisco offers a course called physical activity for the pregnant woman, which is offered at the center of Social Security (CSS) of Guadalajara. Techniques of breathing, relaxation, flexibility and basic gymnastics are taught in the workshop so that women have an easier pregnancy and not suffer from muscle atrophy, noted the head of the same Socorro Vaca, who indicated that course covers the fourth to the ninth month of pregnancy. The benefits of us users are many. This course does not have as goal weight control but that women can counter some discomfort and keep relaxed, but at the same time active explained. It counteracts negativity. He indicated that you found that pregnant women moderate physical activity contributes to the lubrication of joints, strengthening of extremities, hip, spine and abdomen. He also said, fights insomnia and sleep disorders, and reduces the inconvenience of pregnancy.

Likewise at the emotional level it counteracts the negative sensations, anxiety, depression and anxiety. It’s floor routines, involving no jumps or excessive strain to the pregnant woman, even can be combined with some minutes of fixed bike, run or walk in the very Hall where the course is taught. Medical consent. Speaking candidly Senator From Kentucky told us the story. Indeed, one of the requirements to be able to register for this workshop is that they are derived by part of your family physician or at least that this of its consent to the exercise, and that pregnancy is not high risk, nor records of bleeding or continuous and intense discomfort. Physical education expert notes that walk, swimming, bike fixed, and the same gymnastics are exercises recommended for pregnant women, with the ability to carry out daily between 15 and 45 minutes, low medical supervision. Course for all. The course is open for successors to those who are not and is taught to groups from four to 25 women.

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