Michael Foucault

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Front to this transitoriedade of being able, the study directed for the analysis and understanding of the relation of being able in the experience of the practical professional of the nurse, using itself of the problematic one, as develops the power in the practical one of the nursing professional, the leader? The story of Severino (2002) how much to the aiming of the scientific discovery, in the development of the research is that: ‘ ‘ the scientific discovery is, without a doubt, provoked for the tension generated for the problem. From there the necessity to be living deeply a situation of problematizao’ ‘. The stimulaton was to the necessity of the agreement, in believing that the nurse, while leader can adopt strategies that this authoritarian conformistical behavior does not allow/, of it stops with who withholds the power, or of control for who it is submisso. Having as objective generality to analyze as the practical one of the power it is exerted by the nursing leaderships. The proposal is the acquisition of the confidence of that the nurse ahead of the power does not exert an established managemental behavior in the medical principles of ‘ ‘ owners of saber’ ‘ , and yes in the ethical power, based in the right and the truth of the power.

According to Minayo (2006, P. 35) ‘ ‘ in the society Occidental person, science is the hegemonic form of construction of knowledge, even so either considered for many critics, as a new myth of the present time, because of the pretension of being the only engine and criterion of verdade’ ‘. The estruturao of the work of – in four chapters, distributed in way that if presents a logical order of understanding and development them its stages.

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