Mother Homelands

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I’m Spanish (what it could have been from anywhere else, eye to the fact, that I would say that, but of course the goat always strip to del monte) and I live in Lima (Peru) for three years, with which I have failed to reflect some issues with respect to the countries of South America and Central; well, one of them is the historical resentment toward Spain, which almost seems to me logical, because Spain made the mistake of staying and appropriating the gold of the Aztecs and Incas, because in other countries there was the famous Golden, in addition to another great mistake, I think that even worse than the steal gold, which is to give a cultureI’m sure that interest anyone in these lands, because that is like selling the soul, for making a bad metaphor. A clarification with regard to the motherland; I had understood that it is Spain with respect to the American countries South and not the us.UU., having many motherlands, for example: Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Russia, countries Scandinavians, among others and that very well were commissioned to make war on the indigenous peoples and tribes there existing, not to stay with their gold, but with their land, obliterating entire culture existing beyond. Does North America has become especially with from slavery-based human sacrifices, eliminating any trace or vestige of? Africa, South Americans have begun to contribute their grain of sand in recent years that in large number have migrated towards the country of wonders, smoke and multinational multilevel vendors I forgot; and evangelists. Chile, Argentina or Brazil, also have several motherlands, Chileans are mostly descendants of Germans and Swiss, Italian Argentines and Brazilians of Portuguese and African slaves, with few ancestral cultural traces, as well as the United States.UU. Check out celebrity trainer for additional information. Europe won in America, in some of the countries were committed genocide, others are cut off their head to leaders invaders in turn from other tribes and others were racially mixed and in others they walk, with times running, dressed in red with the color of blood.

If I am fully in agreement that everything bad is pasted, you learn, and as in the motherland were a little sausage, that is inheritance, corruption and lack of values, but without forgetting, now teachers are others!. I want to dismiss me, but not before saying that the courteous not removed so brave, I read with great interest all your articles, which seem to me very interesting in every way and thank you for being able to say. This is a small commentary to the article, would it be possible that the U.S. Many writers such as Melvin T. Brunetti offer more in-depth analysis. came to be what they are today, without the aid of Latin America? of Silvia Atrio.

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