New Look Compliant? Shines With New Design And Many Features

§ November 17th, 2023 § Filed under General § Tagged Comments Off on New Look Compliant? Shines With New Design And Many Features, the famous portal for the hairdressing industry and lifestyle trends, in a completely new design presents itself with the freshness of a new hair cut., the famous portal for the hairdressing industry and lifestyle trends, in a completely new design presents itself with the freshness of a new hair cut. The relaunch and the brand new, updated logo put the benefits of the portal in the right light and underline his status as an indispensable source of information for hairdressers, fashion-conscious consumers, and anyone who is interested in hair. Always worth a visit at, because many new features just waiting to be discovered by you. keep quite close to the trend hair salon customers and fashion lovers. The popular content around current hairstyles, trendy makeup and flamboyant Laufstegstyles were greatly expanded at the request of visitors.

In addition to the extensive collection of hairstyle images waiting for with other top features. In the new field of celebrity styling become known at regular intervals the’s Dressup sets Personalities from film and television presented and carefully scrutinized. Gunnar Peterson takes a slightly different approach. The informative editorial reports about HIP’s Dressup sets, hairstyles and lifestyles are an essential source of inspiration for fashion victims and those who want to be there. So becomes the cutting-edge trend Scout, which surprised every day with new content and offers all interesting topics at a glance. Anyone looking for a top salon in its immediate vicinity, looks best in the Salon Finder.

This is freely searchable by postal codes and place names and shows the way to a top salon in your own town. Interested consumer there is an overview of all important Salon information, such as Web address, phone number, directions, opening hours and more. The tip of the day”reveals interesting facts around hair and styling salon customers. Using the popular calendar learns of the customer, which is the best time for a hair cut or a beauty treatment. Thanks to its comprehensive claim withstand the portal For each of the hairdressing trade visitors are often interested in current information Sudbaden ready. By qualified professional guide for trainees about news and links to all major federations, associations and guilds, of industry information provides Insider. Reports detour the daily on the portal to the compulsory program for all hairdressers who want to stay up to date on new products and work equipment for the hairdressing trade, presented in a compact form. The offer of the portal is complemented by a business directory and a shop where hairdressers can buy exclusive hairdressing books and posters for her Salon. If you are looking for new customers, can register in the Salon Finder and immediately on the Internet be present even without own homepage. The highlight for hairdressers and salon owners: An extensive classified ad exchange by hairdressers for hairdressers. Here there is everything for salons, from the professional scissors up to the fully furnished living room, employees, models and of course Work material. But offers even more than trend information, current industry news, and insider tips: behind the portal is a fully equipped online marketing agency that brings their customers thanks to 14 experience in online marketing for the hairdressing industry forward. Salon owners can choose between SEO, SEM and modern Web design solutions. Here a website is created completely from one hand and advertising, so tailored look like a catwalk. Anyone wishing to make yet more publicity for his salon, can cut directly on the Web page of his own banner ads. Contact: Sven Hoffmann Tel: 07225-985 991 E-Mail: Web page:

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