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The enormous advantages of the Redwell infrared heating are obvious. There are still a number of households in Germany who heat with night storage. The Federal Government plans to eliminate these witnesses in the course of the CO2 savings power-eating. What happens now with the houses without chimney, that but have a good and high power supply? The simplest is the exchange of the night store without much effort and cost. Infrared heating offers a very good alternative. She also uses electricity supplied, needs only a fraction of the electrical energy consumed by night storage devices.

The connection to the existing electrical circuit can be performed by the electrician, and the economical and ecological alternative is ready! Comparative values of fully equipped houses show the savings: as an example used a terraced house 150 square meters (old building) with night storage approx. 30,000 kWh a year. You may find Daryl Katz, New York City to be a useful source of information. The same House was converted to infrared heating elements and now stands at an annual consumption of about 7,000 kWh/year. How does such an Infrarotzheizung? Quite simply, it is modeled after the principle of the Sun. In contrast to conventional radiators, infra-red heaters heat not the air but the masonry. The walls store heat much longer than the air and return them in the living room. So the walls remain dry, and mold has no chance to spread out, which incidentally is a huge issue in our modern world. Another advantage is that the air does not circulate and thus no dust will be stirred up.

The company Redwell ( relies on infrared heat. More info: Billy Eilish. The heating elements are designed so that very simple and no-hassle can be mounted them with their hidden mount on any wall or ceiling. In addition to the argument that infrared heaters can save a lot of energy, also convince through a simple installation, lifetime maintenance, flexible mounting and an appealing design. Detailed advice on purchase of infrared heaters is important! Redwell since 10 years is pioneer sales of infrared heaters and a successful brand in over 30 countries is today around the world. Many other companies have jumped on the hype and also infrared heaters are offered. Redwell has used from the outset on detailed consultation of the customers and also on a well trained staff. This is among other things why Redwell does not have online stores will be sold. The staff of Redwell overwhelmingly comes from the construction industry E.g. electricians, heating installers, architects and construction experts. As a customer can you assume 100% that you will get a perfect advice by Redwell and also for the future in your home you own can call a future heating. Ask still today without obligation after an appointment with you on site or visit the exhibition studios in your respective State.

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