Olympic Games Gold

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Company molten (USA) – basketballs, mikasa (Japan) – volleyballs and water polo. Another well-known American company deco turf offered its acrylic system for organizing coverings of tennis courts Olympics. It is most common in the world of tennis coverage. All of the most prestigious tournaments igrayutsyana coverage DecoTurf. Coating quality speaks for itself: only a few hours after heavy rain, it stopped the competition.

The Dutch company JANSSEN-FRITSEN and company spieth from Germany, manufacturers gymnastic equipment, provided their coating systems, to conduct competitions in artistic and rhythmic gymnastics. The quality of the Olympic facilities, sports surfaces and equipment contributed to the 2008 Olympics at a high organizational and competitive level. In Beijing Olympics took part in 204 countries, with 87 of them won at least one medal, a record number of gold and silver medalists. The first Olympic medals were won by Afghanistan, Mauritius, Tajikistan and Togo, the first gold Medals – Bahrain, Mongolia and Panama, and India took the first gold in the individual competitions. All in all, it was established in Beijing 132 Olympic records and 43 – the world, the official website of the ioc. Olympic leaders have become Chinese athletes: 51 – gold 21 – silver 28 – bronze; second place for the athletes from the United States: 36 – gold 38 – silver 36 – bronze, third place among the Russians: 23 – gold 21 – silver 28 – Bronze . Ukrainian team won 11 seats in the team championship (7 – Gold, 5 – Silver, 15 – Bronze), the best result of speeches in the Olympics for 17 years of independence. President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Jacques Rogge at the closing ceremony of Olympic Games-2008 named ended games and their organizations ‘exceptional’. All experts and analysts agree that in 2012 London, will be difficult to match the level of organization of the Games demonstrated by China.

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