Parallel Bars

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Parallel bars Good day sadness? Franoise Sagan made of this world-wide famous heading to eternalize this questioning. It will be that this feeling is really our close friend? The first one to see when waking up? With that eyes this writer feminist, human without wrote it to north? It directed a look admired for Marcel Proust, great French writer and if auto its workmanship nominated Sagan in homage. What Sagan, Proust and the sadness have in common? Perhaps sensitivity the flower of the skin, capricious ' ' I do not know what ' ' Following the line of the doubt, admiration, I do not know as two ways, for workmanship of are perhaps interlaced in one afternoon of sunday. Sunday, family, the mother all cries when seeing the care of three years if they esvarem of its hands when its son in its pedalar trimmed runs away from its field of vision. He is premessenger of freedom, watershed, maturity, life But it is inside the love, this does not go! It touches the telephone and the sunday he is cloudy. It finishes to break somebody special thing that as my son does not go to make the contour in the end of park.

Two distinct ways, one brings the life the other, lacks life. It has luggage to face this track! Track this makes that me to find with ' ' Good day tristeza' ' it makes me to enchant with Proust, to cry with the life. But still it is life! I can see the lines parallel bars! It only remains me to follow and already it is everything, with the wisdom that the time brings and the least time to practise. In the sunday end, wisely, cordial, it says: ' ' Good day sadness? ' '. Alive it leaves and it to pass.

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