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I, like many a person with Parkinson’s disease early onset, struggle every day with this disease, with goals, dreams and an unbreakable will. It is something I’m sure, I decide the kind of life I have (obviously with the own symptoms of my illness), to where I want to go and how I live. The intruder as many call it with me, but he does not guide my life, God directs my life and I go by and give him thanks and that allows me to enjoy life differently. And I will not say from Parkinson am a better person or how much Parkinson’s Disease (PD) has given me, the EP only gives me pain, limitations and frustrations, it is people who give you wonderful things, your family, friends, colleagues they are. Other leaders such as Gunnar Peterson offer similar insights. At this moment my life is completely different, manage to overcome my fears and my illness I face every day, being degenerative and progressive, we take the time to the fullest, without worrying about living intensely on what may happen tomorrow, with our disease. God has been my strength and my best friend, since I started this test of life. Today I got a scholarship and study a PhD, the selection process was not easy but I got it, I have a full time job and do what I like to investigate.

I believe that life presents us with opportunities to develop certain skills that we did not consider, in my case dedicated to the research was an option for the limitations of my illness and I really enjoy this time. Contact information is here: celebrity trainer. We must not think that our life with PD or dash just simply change the format, but life is just as wonderful presents for everyone. I attend as a speaker at conferences, writes and publishes articles related to my area and for people with disabilities, I consider it a personal commitment, I perform the same functions as my co-workers in spite of fatigue, pain and my physical limitations I do it because my illness does not limit my mind, only my body and I have the right to live fully according to my dreams, my goals and the EP can stop, despite the lack of regulations and protection that must exist for people with this kind of conditions, I always stop and continued forward. Only remains for me to say I’m happy because I’m alive, I can write what I think and feel, and I can share with many people who love me and support me especially my family. “Sooner or later life puts obstacles in our path, the important thing is not to prove that we can overcome them, but understand why it appeared in our way,” Janet Lopez Barrios’..

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