PDFs Without ITunes

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“The leading multimedia software maker mediAvatar software Studio represents the software product ‘PDF on iPad’ Apple tablet computer iPad” e-books can represent with his large screen perfectly. On the high-resolution display, the e-book with beautiful images and sharp text looks very good. You can keep the iPad as an authentic book, scroll as a book in it, and even bookmark. So would all iPad owners must take part in this new reading pleasure, but not everyone knows how to submit e-books in EPUB and PDF formats on the iPad. For this reason the leading multimedia has software maker mediAvatar software Studio software product PDF iPad”placed on the market. MediAvatar PDF to iPad, one has the ability to EPUB-or PDF files between iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, iTunes and PC transfer.

MediAvatar PDF to iPad creates a bridge between iPad, iTunes and PC allow for EPUB and PDF documents smoothly between move, no matter whether from the PC to the iPad, by the iPad on the PC, or from the iPad to the iTunes. Submit EPUB and PDF without iTunes on the iPad of course you can add PDFs to your iTunes library and then sync with the iPad, but then all PDF files on your iPad overwritten by the contents of the library. MediAvatar iPad PDF that is not the case. “Regardless of what and how many PDF files, you can just directly on the program interface pull, iBook to them then with the app” to read. EPUB and PDF from iPad to PC copy back to accidental pressing key e-books deletes, so you eBooks should create in time a back-up of such on the PC.

Through the user-friendly interface of PDF to iPad”you can copy back the selected EPUBs or PDFs by clicking on the corresponding button on the PC. Add this PDF to iPad transfer is also able to EPUB and PDF directly to your iTunes library to add, this is a double check of the e-book files to EPUB and PDF to iTunes library make. In addition to the 3 main functions, you have also the possibility to leave a comment or a rating for the eBooks. More information is available on the product page pdf to ipad.html.

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