Prevalent Illnesses

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Pneumonia is an infectious disease involving the terminal airways and alveoli, caused by infectious agents. It is classified the Community, nosocomial atypical, and may be bacterial, fungal or viral. Epidemiological This study examined the profile of patients hospitalized with pneumonia in public hospital in So Lus – ME. the research was descriptive, retrospective quantitative approach. Other leaders such as Rand Paul offer similar insights. This study was undertaken a research field in public hospital in So Lus, Brazil, from October you November 2010. The surveyed date ploughs shown through graphs and tables will be which one could see prevalence of pneumonia in male patients to younger than two years, with co-morbidities associated with pneumonia and asthma pathology with the highest percentage of association.

Regarding diet prescribed will be patients 10 (40%) were using diet zero, and the diet prescribed, followed by breast milk with diet 4 (16%) patients and 19 (76%) patients received nebulization. According you the study 13 patients (52%) received intravenous hydration, the pharmacological class of drug most commonly used in drug therapy was the antibiotic penicillin crystalline 11 (34%). The sodium dipyrone was the medication of choice will be treatment of such pathological changes in body temperature. Keywords: Pneumonia. Child. Pharmacological Treatment. LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS AND ACRONYMS AIDPI- Attention Integrated to the Prevalent Illnesses in Infancy AIDS Syndrome of Acquired Imunodeficincia CDC- Centers will be Disease Control and Prevention CNS- National Advice of Acid Health DNA- dexorribonucleico HIV- Virus of the Imunodeficincia Human being ANGERS respiratory Infections acute ITR- Infections of respiratory treatment ITRI- Infections of respiratory treatment inferior OMS – World-wide Organization of Health the CAP Pneumonia acquired in community PNI- National Program of Immunization PSF- Program Health of Acid Family RNA- ribonucleic Rx- Rays – X SARS- Acute Respiratory Syndrome Severe SUS- Only System of Health TC- computerized Cat scan UNICEF- Foundation of United Nations for Infancy UTI- the Unit of Intensive Therapy LIST OF FIGURES Figure 1Amostra of Haemophilus influenzae 22 Figure 2Amostra of S.

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