Prime of Life

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Mid-40s is the man in the prime of life. The eyes can however often not more fully compete with the own activity. Berlin, 23.03.2011 (PCP). Mid-40s is the man in the prime of life. The eyes can however often not more fully compete with the own activity.

Willy-nilly reinforcement need, to read relax or to work on the computer. For wearers of glasses no problem: sliding sight glasses are “normal” corrective spectacles visually in nothing. For those who prefer to do without the glasses, there are continuous appearance in the form of contact lenses. Life as we know is full of opposites. So most of the 40 to 50 years feels no less energetic and fit as Mitt thirties. At the same time the nature makes every now and again “one look”, or just “no look”.

As from the mid-40s, the lens of the eye is inelastic. With the morning newspaper is stretching for the arms: they become longer and longer. If more blurred so come then the labels at the supermarket or the speedometer while driving a car appears increasingly blurred, the argument of the additional morning gymnastics no longer catches. Sliding sight glasses are a technically mature solution for the now mature vision rejuvenation. They allow easy reading and sharp at the same time at the top look in the distance at the bottom of the glass. The high-tech glasses adjusted exactly to the requirements and seeing their vehicles by the optometrist. Factors such as eye relief, eye movements, individual reading distance, head and glasses shape determine the respective size and see zones in the glass. There is a smooth transition between the fields of vision. This not only ensures a relaxed look in all walks of life but also brings benefits: by presbyopia no trace. For people who like it still invisible so-called multifocal are often contact lenses the vision of choice. In the truest sense of the word, these lenses have multiple strengths and same short – or Hyperopia combined with presbyopia from. Contact lenses bring advantages just for movement junkies and parents of particularly active children, because they cannot fall from the nose. There are Multifocal lenses than rigid lenses as well as in the form of soft lenses. Which material is right, depends by many different factors, such as about the quality of the tear film and the individual viewing habits. Who would like to change depending on the day form between glasses and contact lenses, is accessible to Multifocal lenses of the day. The adjustment is made in each case for specialized eye opticians. Your contact for further inquiries: Kerstin Kruschinski Board of Trustees good looks (KGS) Werderscher market 15 10117 Berlin FON: 030 / 41 40 21-22 fax: 030 / 41 40 21-23 email: Net:

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