Protection State

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They had had to be cultivated by the slaves, those that to cultivate the particular properties will belong to the proprietors, already the ones that to cultivate public lands will belong to the state. Aristotle warns the importance of if using foreign slaves and that they are cowards, in order to prevent possible riots or revolts. (p 130) Correlation the procreation Aristotle says: ' ' the limit of the college to have children, for the men, to the seventy years when very, and to the fifty for the women (…) agrees, therefore to fix the marriage of the women in the eighteen years, and of the men in thirty and seven, or little menos.' ' (pg. 142). It fixes a limit of age between men and women, in sight of the procreation and the marriage, in order to prevent complications in the pregnancy and to favor the conception of children preventing problems me the formation in the babies.

The children badly? formed, according to philosopher, will not be able to have the protection of the state, therefore only the healthy ones deserve to have the protection of the state. Formative process of the children of the citizens the education of the young would have to be priority of all the legislators, in order to guarantee the unit of the customs between the citizens, therefore Aristotle is against any form of private education, therefore he defends that the state would have to be the responsible one for the education of the children of the citizens. (p 149) It establishes a curricular grating that had to be followed by all the legislators, composing itself in the following parts: ' ' the grammar, the gymnastics and music, they if adding to the times desenho.' ' (pg. 150)? it warns that the gymnastics would have to be practised in moderate rhythm until the phase of adolescence, being after that substituted by the studies of the grammar and music.

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