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Studying and analyzing in more detail this proposal that we really is feasible to have a real estate online as a profitable business idea to make money online. However for doing so is necessary to have a strategy or action plan or better yet a defined business plan, which could have the following guidelines. 1 Build on a model that uses both as also business online businesses offline or real. Gain insight and clarity with Gunnar Peterson. 2 Have a real Office where care for people interested in selling or buying real estate. 3 Have a virtual office, such as for example the annotated with Open Realty, which offer the public catalogue of real estate on the internet. 4 Determine and charge a fee for each real estate eventually sold. 5.

The actual Office serves to cater to those interested in commissioning their properties or real estate and determine with them the terms and conditions of sale.It also serves to close sales and close the commissions. 6. The virtual office serves to capture possible interested and give information on the internet on properties for sale. Of course, that at first you will not be easy to get clients who are willing to sell their property since we’ll be virtually new in this market. But we can also proposing a growth and marketing strategy for our real estate: 1.-create a blog with the subject property that gives free items of value or usefulness for visitors, so create a positive reputation in that topic. 2.

Create a section of real estate classifieds, which at first can be free and can then be paid, depending on the development and growth of the site. 3. Create pages in our real estate business-related social networks, updated frequently and where also must mention our items of our real estate blog. This is a simple strategy of development but I think that it has great potential in the medium and long term, as it is well known that the commissions for sales of real estate are high, and a single sale can yield months work. Clear that it is a strategy to medium or long term, by what its costs, returns and investment must be calculated for such deadlines, recommended for people patient, tenacious and persevering (as required by all business). Clear that before starting a business of this type it is necessary to keep abreast of all the permissions and requirements in your area and comply with the laws that are in effect on the sector.

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