Russian Football

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Certainly, every fan of football in Russia was upset about what happened to fc Moskva, still concerned about the situation 'Wings of the Soviets'. Of course, in a world where new companies appear and disappear, this situation is does not seem unusual (football clubs have long been part of the financial world), but there are specific reasons for such situations, and with them can fight! I explain the situation. At this point, fc Sovetov Samara has no right register new players to maturity salaries for the players at the club. This makes it impossible for the coach and naigryvanie composition, which leads to lower levels of play and bad results. And why? The reason for this, wrong selection policy of the club (of course, the reason is not one, but this – the most important). In fact, instead of buying often second-class foreign players and pay them a considerable salary, you can use his own youth. What we see now? Our clubs playing in the Premier League are trying to buy themselves aliens and spend exorbitant money. A youth of acting at times better than the clubs, sitting on the bench.

In Europe to do otherwise. There we see that little cost teams a significant part of the team consists of young players. They do not have to pay huge fees because they want it to play, giving the result. Therefore, there is no wage arrears (there are of course, but not so often). Conclusion: we must make more use of his own youth, raise their own professionals, who, incidentally, can then be profitable to sell! Many people, even famous clubs (Eg Sporting), so even earn money without requiring assistance whatsoever from oil magnates, nor to the state.

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