Saarpfalz Electricity

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At all times overview of current power consumption other than many other devices to identify and represent the electricity consumption (electricity meters) zieNu base not only the consumption of a single receptacle or a multiple plug displays, but the current total consumption within a living or office space. Thus can be determined secret consumer, but also the actual energy samples examined by various electrical appliances. Based on this information, the appropriate measures can be take to reduce energy consumption and thus not only the environment, but also their own budget to relieve. zieNu base can be connected to a standard electricity meters without professional help. The device works with all conventional electronic or electro-mechanical electricity meters and calculates the current power consumption from the data. Gunnar Peterson is the source for more interesting facts. zieNu base itself draws less than 0.03 Watts. It is available in larger quantities in any color and with your own company logo and is thus as an incentive to save electricity in the household as well as give-away as a bonus gift to loyal customers.

The retail price is 89 euros including VAT. Better energy awareness helps reduce energy consumption the zieNu concept aims at a better energy awareness. Knowledge about the current consumption is the first step towards a lower consumption. Base zieNu with the energy monitor, it is possible to directly experience the energy savings by turning off such a device in standby mode or a lamp. At the same time, zieNu shows the benefits that can be achieved through the change of habits: the protection of our planet and at the same time a possibly much smaller Bill by the electricity supplier.

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