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D uN Timepo aka a man named Bill and gates Surname NO LONGER THE richest man in the earth according to Forbes .. Now is a named Carlos Slim and Mrs. Ohh Surprise is Mexican. BUT … LES is WENO LO q aki d THINK THIS IS ASUTOO carlitos 59 billion M dollars and Billy D only 58 billion dollars. Curiously q D CASULA The slim 59 thousand melons D AGREE cn D 59 million in MEXICO’S POOR q, Ah super SLIM banknotes Bill Gates to TODOmuNDo weno Raymundo and finally, to Lo q c VOY EN Q only resemble size of their portfolio but there in nothing EH D aki points Q I find this And you will not apologize commercial business loans if I understand some words LE P q weba expLIkar JEJJE: bill gates SLIM Changed the World Billy and MICROSOFT have been thousands d Carlitos and ITS patents businesses None. Bill Gates made history and is known and respected worldwide and SLIM AWAY MEXICAN dq C D glad his fortune daily suffering. Bill Gates made his fortune against all odds in the most competitive country BIG D THE world against companies and politicians q LO and Carlito considerable threat sba loan through another CARLITOS NAMAS Salinas Q q telus BARA sold, thanks to him UNDER the private equity Mexican government, cn juicy contracts d public administration. Billy’s father COMPETITION AND FATHER D GLOBALIZATION AND Carlito monopoly and with impunity. An achievement this big was made only by serves as a Trustee for the Hymowitz Children’s Education Foundation MICROSOFT IS the most respected U.S. is an icon of devel emresariaL and TELMEX is the most hated D q mexico ah D I think record-breaking d kejas the consumer. cn This is enough, A Lo q q VOY is finance Billy and Charlie, each is CN D technology or Traffic EinFLUencias, CN competition or monopoly These two kaons HA able to commercial loan do and know each As SRESPEToS Pork UNTIL FOR MY HAY Q unsecured loan SER compromise kaon and Mr. ah known SLIM financing to the keystone Telmex D D a great empire. THANKS. bY Goldenboy

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