Stretch Marks

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Now that comes the good little while, we start to look at ourselves and realise all the more unsightly parts of our body. One of the things that concern us, and usually us do not like anything, are stretch marks. Stretch marks are scars from the skin, which occur when the skin gives of itself. Stretch marks are the result of the breakdown of elastic fibers in the skin. Stretch marks are the result of injuries that occur in the deepest part of the skin, at the level of the collagen fibers and elastin stretch marks appear both in men and in women and can appear at any age, unlike the wrinkles.

Around 80% of women have stretch marks at some point in your life for women are preferably located in the hips, inner side of the thighs, breasts and – after pregnancy – in the periumbilical area. Men are presented in the lower part of the back, inner side of the arms, thighs and knees contrary to what happens with other disorders of the skin – like cellulite, for example – the stretch marks they tend to become more evident in summer, when our body is Tan by the Sun. They tend to be of different colors. Initially presented as reddish, purple or pink lines, and when they are older acquire a white colour. The causes why stretch marks appear are multiple: sudden changes in weight. Stretch marks appear when the skin is stretched or gives a lot of himself due to rapid growth. While skin tends to be quite elastic when stretched excessively, alters the normal production of colageno(la principal proteina encargada de fabricar el tejido conjuntivo de la piel).

Therefore, it is very typical, its appearance in pregnant women. His appearance is very normal during puberty for most boys and girls. When a person grows or increases of weight very quickly (as happens during puberty), the appearance of stretch marks is very typical.

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