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Daily Life

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Our way of being and acting, is largely all that throughout our life intervened for our training, as it is; values, education and culture both at home and at school, we were taught, but personally I think that when we make a decision, for which we have complete freedom to do so, it is depends on our maturity, because our level of responsibility and respect enables us to measure the outcomes of every decision that we take here the great importance of analyzing each one of our actions before making them, since all have an effect and outcome. Ethics studies what is morally, as a moral system is rationally justified, and how has this subsequent application to different spheres of social life. In everyday life it constitutes a reflection on the moral fact, find the reasons that justify the use of a moral system or another. Ethics has a fundamental role in our training, since in the gait of the knowing, know and learn, as humans we can make mistakes, the important thing is that every experience will enable us to be better every day. The human being is not a fact, an object between other susceptible of being exhausted in descriptions and definitions; he escapes to the intelligibility of the universe of the bodies own and however raises the need for a new and broader field of intelecciones. In that task in which man is articulated and constitutes as a virtual point where cross the wires of the universe is where the roots of ethics are based. Whole goal to be achieved requires a lot of effort and perseverance, situation that is not easy but to go to enjoy the pleasure of the good results, encourages us to continue making progress in all aspects of our lives.