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Cosmetic Surgery

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Breast augmentation? How Cosmetic Surgery is performed: Breast surgery depends mostly on the choice of implant, position and methods of how the implant will be inserted. The common areas of implant insertion are through the areola, under the fold of the breast or underarm. The doctor then takes great care to minimize the amount of visible scarring caused by the insertion point in an attempt to create more aesthetic figure. Then the surgeon will try to create an area of breast tissue to insert the implant. This can be done directly behind the tissue or beneath the chest muscle.

Both methods have advantages, so be sure to discuss these issues with your surgeon before your operation. In general, these surgeries take around one to two hours. After the operation is completed, a doctor points and seal any incisions together and reinforced with tape antiseptic. Bandages breasts help meet its new shape and helps increase the healing time. Recovery: The day after surgery generally leaves most women feeling tired, but usually are rested and feeling better by day three. Most of this pain can be controlled with prescription medication provided by your doctor after surgery. Persistent pain may be an early sign of complications.

After a few days out gauze bandages which will require the patient to wear a special support bra. The physician will recommend the amount of time to use it for, because it helps meet the breasts to their new shape. A common side effect of surgery is a burning sensation around the nipples for a couple of weeks, but should subside shortly after. The stitches are removed about 10 days after the operation, but the swelling usually takes about five weeks to disappear. Most women can return to work within a few days, although physical activity and exercise should not be performed three to four weeks. Scars will begin to fade after six weeks, but never disappear completely. For more information please visit our resource site in this article may be freely reproduced provided this resource box is included and all links stay intact as hyperlinks.