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Ultraviolet Damage

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Profound damage to the skin by intense solar radiation were previously considered largely beyond repair. CHRISTINE NIKLAS, the new DNA-repair program of CosMeds has now developed serum DNA. Cologne, 26.04.2012 – everyone knows the phrase “The skin never forgets” and actually left their mark on the skin intensive sunbathing, each sunburn or other sins, although these are often only properly visible after 10 or 20 years. The reason for this is sustained damage to the DNA, which carries the “Blueprints” and copies of the skin. Due to UV damage and free radicals so many mistakes accumulate with time in the cells, that the normal cell functions are disturbed to dying off all cell lines and associated function failure.

In the DNA are the blueprints of life. So for proteins or molecules that are involved in the formation of cells and cell functions. These copies are damaged, there is profound damage to the skin such as wrinkles and furrows education, the so-called “Sun folding” extreme Crow’s feet lines, dryness, yellowing, pigmentation, etc key causes of DNA damage are UV rays, oxidative stress and aging. Senator From Kentucky is often quoted on this topic. UV radiation can cause direct changes (mutations) of DNA. By the body’s own mechanisms of DNA repair, cells can eliminate malicious changes of their DNA structure. Repair capacity E.g. by too much is healthy skin and exhausted to intense sun exposure, the complex repair operations bring no more success of cell and continue the lesions. So far, the listed damage were largely considered irreparable.

CHRISTINE NIKLAS has now developed a new groundbreaking serum, that activates the skin’s natural DNA repair program and strengthened. CosMeds serum DNA is a highly potent Cosmeceutical, designed specifically for the eye area and four other skin areas: forehead, Chin, cheeks and the “sundeck” on the neckline. On these unprotected areas leaves the UV radiation often visible traces of damage. The serum promotes the formation of two complementary body’s highly active key substances which make up DNA damage caused by Ultraviolet light and skin protect from further damage and aging. CosMeds serum DNA can both applied in existing acute injuries as well as preventive and put in a good condition even deep damaged skin. CosMeds serum DNA has a holistic effect latest through the intelligent combination of highly potent compounds and the resulting interaction with excellent results. In parallel, populated the wrinkles from the inside with natural collagen and fibroblasts strengthened. The skin is tightened and optimally moisturized. In addition, increasing CosMeds serum DNA homogeneity and brightness of the complexion and refines the texture of the skin. CosMeds serum DNA and all other cnk * CHRISTINE NIKLAS products there are exclusively online at or by phone at 0221-977 17 55 as You can consult this number without obligation diploma individually to skin, skin problems and appropriate products beauticians special service. The cnk * advice and telephone orders is Monday through Friday from 9: 00-18:00 at the disposal.

Result Oil

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MARIGOLD, GESICHTSoL, hair – PURE GLOW CARE VON EISENBERG PARIS meets all desires PURE GLOW CARE von EISENBERG PARIS, luxury oil spray, is an all-round talent for face, body and hair. JOSe EISENBERG thus developed the series of its valuable oils, in order to respond to the specific needs of dehydrated and dry skin. Six 100% natural vegetable oil saturate your skin with lipids and strengthen them profoundly and lastingly. Passion fruit oil and precious argan oil moisturize the hair and make it silky soft. Also they give radiation, the skin is revitalised and finds their smoothness and luminosity. Sunflower oil and Macadamia oil are the trio-molecular formula and due to its anti-oxidant effect a true anti-aging “Booster”. Evening primrose oil and olive oil are rich in regenerating and moisturizing properties and soften the skin.

Vitamin A and combat skin aging and is a consistent, radiant complexion Result. Rand Paul often addresses the matter in his writings. PURE GLOW CARE is presented in a polished glass bottle, to protect the properties of the ingredients during the entire service life. The spray head allows a uniform wear on the entire body and hair with micro spray. The ideal product for a long day of beauty and wellness. Application: Skin and face: light on the cleaned skin massage to absorption.

Don’t forget this neck and decollete. If necessary, in addition to the face a day or night care apply. Can be used for more comfort from the EXCELLENCE of care or the care line as a complementary product such as an oil serum the classic EISENBERG. Hair: Spray generously over the entire length of the hair, soak for 15 minutes and then wash out. Dry and damaged hair adds shine and softness. Price 99.00 for 100 ml available source: brand: the brand EISENBERG PARIS has already introduced with their fragrances and toiletries conquered the European market by storm. After intensive research brand creator Jose Eisenberg has unveiled a revolutionary skin care secret with the trio-molecular formula, with whose help the youthful appearance of the skin can be obtained.

Finlax Sauna

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So fewer stones used for a massage, because with a stone much longer can be massaged. Vice versa also applies to “cold” applications. And: the article can be cleaned in the dishwasher easily skin or debris, cleaning agents or massage oils. The Hukka products are based on classic, nordlandisches design that radiates timeless beauty by clean lines and simple style, which follows no fashion trends. “The forms that gives designers Jouko Ahti, his creations are inspired from the nature of the stone and the pure beauty of nature”, enthuses Tiina lax, and also stresses: “Of course no additives are used.” To get the “hot stones” on temperature, there is on the one hand a special heater with thermostat. Hukka-“Harmony” bricks are the easiest way but with hot water to heat. The cold Stones are doused with boiling water in a saucepan.

The water on hand heat is cooled, the stones are application-ready. The longer the stones were heated, the longer they give off heat. They are not immediately moved should a towel separate them from the bare skin and at the same time, a second deck cloth hold the heat. Another possibility is to put the stones in suitable small cloths. Enough change stones are necessary for an effective massage, where each individual under fixed hand movements through the skin should slide and rotate all the time in the hands of the therapist and masseur to deliver the stored heat of the soapstone optimally in the body of the massed. On damaged or irritated skin sites is to look like on an individual, so custom stone temperature as well.

But the Finnish stone harmony offered not only for therapists. Hukka Soapstones are suitable for home use. As described above heated and wrapped in small (hand-held) cloths,. It can placed under neck and knee, provide recreation on the floor or a gymnastics mat as “Stone pillow”. “Relax, take still stone balls in the hands, let the magic heat flow through your body and your soul,” Tiina advises lax to the soapstone-feel – self test. In their words, resonates AWE for a material carrying two billion years of Earth history in itself. Company Description: Finlax is a company from the Rhine-main area, which offers high-quality, original Finnish sauna products. For the complete range applies that in the artful and careful processing masterly craft merges with the respect for nature. The Finlax product range includes in addition to the classics, such as infusion concentrates or creams another Sauna accessories, as it is highly appreciated in Finland and in Germany sustained is also the heart of the sauna visitor. These include inter alia fountain for the sauna stove, stainless steel-infusion sets,-Kubel-Kellen and sauna grills, Sauna pillows made of linen as well as infusion concentrates, humidifier, air freshener, cleaners and Finnish nursing peat for steam baths. A range of products so that inspires all around. Contact: Finlax – original Finnish sauna accessories wife Tiina lax on the Gersprenz 13 64839 Munster in Dieburg Tel.: (0) 6071 38733 press contact: Martina Frenzel wellness and media Phillip of Ward eight road 32 50678 Koln Tel.: 0221 4537373

Yoga for Pregnant Women

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Pregnant women courses such as E.g. Yoga Vidya, meditation or aerobics and their possibilities the pregnancy is a special period in the life of every woman. It happened to serious changes in the psyche in the whole body. During this time, a great importance is being attached to a pregnancy rate. One of the ways to prepare well the organism, yoga would be. This rate of pregnant women was recommended by many physicians, the future mothers need such exercises. “The pregnancy rate Yoga Vidya” through Yoga Vidya, the women feel healthy and radiate optimism.

Their bodies are prepared at the rate of pregnant women just, that they can occupy an any convenient pose during delivery. With the help of some tasks to relieve the pain associated with pregnancy. By means of special exercises, the muscles of the pelvis, abdomen become stronger. You are so important. At the pregnancy rate, also the spine will be strengthened. So, to prepare the women, that they not depression according to the Have maternity. Any variable poses are useful for the unborn child. You will learn the breathing exercises of a rate of pregnant women in the pregnancy rate some breathing exercises.

They are to meet several times a day and in addition provide the mother and child with oxygen. But more importantly, through proper breathing the pregnant woman can make much easier the delivery. The breathing exercises increase the immunity, increase the volume of the lungs. This contributes to the enrichment of the blood with oxygen. Breathing helps to rid the body of waste products and toxins. “The pregnancy rate Yoga Vidya” teach how to cope with the fear of childbirth and control the emotions. An excessive fear of negatively affects the muscles, they can remain not loose. Daily meditation through daily meditation is the mother capable of, contact the small. With the pregnant woman is really a mystical transformation: the soul of the child is now living in it. She can Listen to the unborn, consider it internally, talk to him and show their love. The pregnancy rate in the swimming pool, there is yet another very popular way to prepare women for the birth of the child. This is the rate of pregnant women in the swimming pool. The water is particularly useful for health. There are extensive programmes of activities in the water. Such a pregnancy course programme includes the following: the Aqua-aerobics, which belongs to the workout. the active practice of breathing in the warm water that is warmed up to 36 c; Stop breathing, massage in the water, swimming exercises, sauna. For the expectant mothers, it is hard to move, but very useful. The aerobics in the water facilitates the organism which bears a double burden during the pregnancy, the execution of the necessary movements. The Aqua-gym of a pregnant course covered almost all groups of muscles, and the women meet the whole exercises very easily. The breathing practice the breathing practice is the main part of the Pregnancy rate. The women breathe actively, the body is located in the warm water. The capillaries, the vessels open while such breathing, blood circulation improves. The muscles are relaxed and better supplied with oxygen. During the course of pregnancy, many women have a feeling as if the whole body would breathe. The fatigue disappears. Many elements of such breathing at a rate of pregnant women can take advantage of women during childbirth. The breathing exercises are accompanied by music.

Angle Line

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(F) The width of the bony base is approximately equal to 80% of the base of the wings. (G) The width of the base of the wings is equal to the distance intercanthal or one eye width. (H) The alar rims should have a slight outward flare in an inferior direction. (I) the lines connecting the tip defining points, the rest area supratip, and the angle of columellar lobular form two equilateral triangles. (J) A line outlining the alar rims and columella resembles a gull in gentle flight. (K) With the eyes in frontal gaze, the nasofrontal angle is at an intermediate level between the upper lashes and the crease supratarsal.

(L) The nasal dorsum, in women, is approximately 2 mm behind and parallel to a line just above the nasofrontal angle to the tip defining points. In men, the dorsum is slightly higher. (M) 50-60% of the tip in front of a vertical line next to the most salient part of an upper lip in normal position. (N) tip projection equals alar base width. (Or) of the rotation is determined by the degree of the nasolabial angle, measured as the angle between the vertical and a line drawn through the anterior and posterior edges of the nostrils (normal 95-100 degrees in women and 90-95 degrees in men) (nasolabial angle is not the same as columellar labial angle). (P) The columellar lobular angle is approximately 45 degrees. (Q) At a baseline, contour of the nasal base forms an equilateral triangle, lobular to nostril ratio is 1:2.

Longer View

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They prefer credits in local currency or short-term loans in foreign currency. They will be afraid of a sudden, massive devaluation (such as happened in Mexico overnight). Your lender also will be afraid to lend money, because these lenders can not be sure that borrowers have the extra dinars to pay for claims if such devaluation. Naturally, a devaluation increases the amount of dinars to pay for a loan in foreign currency. This is bad from both the macro economic point of view (that of the economy as a whole) – and micro-economic point of view (that of the single firm). From the point of micro-economic view of short-term loans must be returned long before companies that have provided matured to the point of being able to pay.

These short-term obligations to the charge, amend its financial statements for the worse and sometimes put their very viability at risk. From the macro-economic point of view, it is always better to have longer maturity debt to pay less each year. The longer the credits a country (individual companies are part of a country) has to return – the best of their creditworthiness with the financial community. Another aspect: foreign credits are a competition to credits provided by the local banking system. If companies and individuals do not take loans from abroad for fear of a devaluation – they help to create a monopoly of local banks. Monopolies have a way to set the highest price possible (interest rates) for their merchandise (= the money they lend).

Dental Implants In New York

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With many well-known specialists living and working in the area, seeking dental implants in New York can be a relatively painless process. The process of inserting a dental implant not only eliminate the problem of tooth loss or decay, but can also restore that beautiful smile you longed for, giving back the confidence that can be lost. For those seeking dental implants in New York, it is important to understand the procedure, including benefits and risks before proceeding. Fortunately, dental implants are among the safest, and most of the teeth simple procedures, while also the most effective. Since we do not have the support of adjacent teeth, long-term tooth or gum decay is not normally a risk, as often happens in the case of a cap or bridge placement. Moreover, the results tend to produce more resistant, more realistic replacement teeth, which are almost identical to the real thing. But, as with any surgery, the procedure is not without a certain level of risk. Dentists only perform dental implant surgery in patients who are already in good general health, without any presence of gum disease or other oral conditions that can cause complications.

For this reason, it is important for any patient seeking dental implants in New York in search of reliable consultation before the election to receive surgery. Besides the obvious aesthetic concerns, missing or decaying teeth can affect the ability to speak, the ability to chew, their dental health in general. A missing tooth often leads to many more, or some kind of advanced decay or disease. For this reason, dental implants in New York have become a reliable and attractive solution for many area residents. full information about the procedure and the cost of standard and mini dental implants, and focuses on The Vegas, Los Angeles and New York regions. Dental Implants Info is the sister site