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Relationship Partner

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Manage the relationship with your ex-wife if you are divorced, but you still have outstanding commitments with your former partner, for example the maintenance of your children, it is essential that you take a good relationship with him or her so that things go as well as possible. How to treat the subject of the former partner and the relationship that binds you to she or he? As well, rather than anything you must define some things: thinks that she will always be the mother or the father of your children; in the best of cases, may be born a good friendship with the passage of the years. However, never will be your partner. If you have a current partner, he or she may be who along with you for a good time in your life, so dale the place that it deserves before the world and before your children. You have to cast out the fears of failure and think about how to reaffirm your current relationship. Keep in mind that your previous marriage failure is not a constant in your life. Your current partner must accept that your ex will always be there.

Touching this subject many couples have problems but almost always will due to a mishandling of things. So if a day are angry with your ex, you don’t state your disagreement against your current partner. Think about that if you speak badly of your former husband/wife, tomorrow also your current partner it will do it and in the middle of everything your children will be. If something bothered you of your ex, take a deep breath and silent, then he expresses the reasons for your anger against him/her. Always respect your former partner. If for one reason or another do not you respetaste it during the marriage, today you have the opportunity to look good with yourself to respect to the father or the mother of your children. Otherwise, your children will not know how to do it and your current partner either. With information: source: press release sent by divorces espresso.